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When we say that ClickHelp is flexible - we mean it. You can use the tool the way you want without the need to adapt your workflow to a new system.
ClickHelp is a complete technical writing solution, you can have all of your documentation (with its different versions, different types of content and different access levels) in a single portal, which you can enhance further with numerous integrations. It does not matter whether your team uses Agile or Waterfall - you can easily publish the whole project with all the changes made or update specific topics one by one. Advanced branding features will help you make your documentation look and behave exactly the way you want.

Easy Review Process

With ClickHelp everything becomes simpler - using the Reviewer user type, you can give anyone access to a specific project and assign particular topics to this person. The workflow is deeply customizable and makes the review process organized teamwork instead of email chaos.
Easy review process, image 1 – ClickHelp Features
Workflow customization, image 2 – ClickHelp Features

Workflow Customization

Every documentation team is different. You may have multiple approval steps for documentation content, or may need a translator to review any help topic before it gets published. With ClickHelp, you can match document workflow with internal processes, because statuses and available transitions between them are highly configurable.
"With ClickHelp, you get a documentation website that matches your corporate brand"
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Import From Swagger/OpenAPI Definition

  • One platform for different types of content
  • Centralized search by all your docs
  • Auto-generated and updated topics
Making your online documentation look like your company website is often a requirement. Main menu navigation, custom fonts, mobile layout, authentication process - all these aspects may render this task nearly impossible. The success will greatly depend on the documentation software you choose. With ClickHelp, you get all the features to customize your online user guides experience.
Portal style, image 3 – ClickHelp Features

Portal Style

ClickHelp offers six ready-to-use online documentation templates suitable for different documentation types. Choose the one you like and you are ready to go live with the docs. On top of that, you have plenty of customization options. Portal style, domain name, favicon, colors and backgrounds, custom fonts - the look and feel of your documentation can be anything you want. Learn more on our Portal Gallery.
Live chat integration, image 4 – ClickHelp Features

Live Chat Integration

Documentation pages often attract a lot of traffic and you may want to offer live assistance to those visitors. A great solution for that is to embed an online chat into your user guide pages. Whether it is a chat bot or a real agent, your clients get instant assistance and you get a satisfied customer. This is also a great mechanism for support case deflection. ClickHelp integrates with any live chat software. Learn more on LiveChat integration.

Fast Startup

2 minutes
Registration and portal creation
3 minutes
Template selection and fine-tuning
5 minutes
Importing your documentation
Sometimes flexibility means complexity and tedious learning curve. But that’s not ClickHelp. Our philosophy is that the system should be usable out of the box without deep knowledge, and months of configuration efforts. So, you can start using ClickHelp with a standard configuration, ready homepage and project templates. Once you’re ready to dive deeper, you can customize your portal to your needs and processes, and meet your design guidelines. ClickHelp users can present their portal to readers in a matter of days after subscription start.
Migrate to ClickHelp from Microsoft Word, Help and Manual, Doc-to-Help, RoboHelp, MadCap Flare and other tools, publish to Web Help, PDF and other formats
Migrating existing content to a new tool takes time. ClickHelp makes this easier with import from Microsoft Word, HTML, CHM and other formats.
Just create output files in your current tool - MadCap Flare, Help & Manual, Doc-to-Help, RoboHelp or any other tool with Microsoft Word, HTML or CHM support. When the documentation is ready, host it online in your ClickHelp portal, generate Web Help to host on your own server or publish to other formats to export it.
ClickHelp supports the following import formats:
Microsoft Compiled HTML Help
HTML5, XHTML or Web Help
OpenXML, Microsoft Word
Rich Text Format, OpenDocument

Advanced Customization


ClickHelp comes with 20+ out of the box integrations, including Google Translate, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Salesforce, Azure AD, LiveChat, Disqus and many more. You can also add your own integrations: JavaScript libraries and custom elements which can be embedded into ClickHelp topics, external applications working with ClickHelp API and custom SSO providers. For example, your topics may contain videos, surveys, quizzes, "Contact Us" forms and chat bots, etc.

ClickHelp API

The REST API allows automating various actions and opens capabilities for even more integrations. For example, you can add the search feature to your Contact Support form to make your customers see automatically suggested search results from ClickHelp before they submit a case, thus making your customers get the information they need right away and decreasing your support team workload. One other example of API usage is Zendesk integration, where ClickHelp search results are used to improve support agents' productivity.

Single Sign-On

The Single Sign-On feature allows establishing integrations with your own authentication system, so your users access documentation hosted in ClickHelp through custom login pages which you provide. ClickHelp supports the OpenID Connect technology and offers special support for popular SSO providers like Google, Microsoft Azure AD, and Salesforce. If you are willing to use this approach but are not ready to implement SSO support on your side, you can also consider alternative approaches, like login tokens.

Custom Scripts

You can customize the behavior of your portal and even extend its functionality with the help of third-party JavaScript libraries and your own custom code. You can implement things like custom navigation elements, automatic redirection logic based on custom parameters or integrations with third-party systems and so on.
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ClickHelp comes with 20+ out of the box integrations, including Google Translate, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Salesforce, Azure AD, LiveChat, Disqus and more.
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Collaboration and Teamwork
We understand how important collaboration is. With ClickHelp, working together on a documentation project is easier than ever.
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