Translation Management

Expand Worldwide with ClickHelp

Your company goes global and needs to create multilingual online documentation? The Translation module of ClickHelp is what you need!

An Outstanding Process for Translators and Technical Writers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid sending documents as separate files for translation? All this correspondence slows down the whole process of preparing documentation.
How to avoid managing the files back and forth again? Professional Translation Editor in ClickHelp is the answer!
The two-column translation editor has a customizable layout. Live preview for translated content allows you to see the translated content right away.
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Strong Translation Synchronization

With ClickHelp you don’t need to install a separate app for translations! All is done in one place.
Translation states are kept current. Translators modify only the required parts of text - all is updated automatically the moment when the original content changes.
"Colored indicator of the translation unit state allows you to find changed parts easily and update them."
You change one word - translate only the sentence with this word and not the whole topic. You immediately see which of the topics has changed and requires translation.

Track the Translation Progress

To efficiently manage the translation process you should understand how the work advances. After you handed the document for translation, sometimes, it’s hard to understand what part of the text under translation is ready, what needs translation, or review when this text is in progress. Use our overall translation progress bar. It shows:
  • Base language words count
  • Project translation progress
  • Topic translation progress
  • Translation length counter to compare the translation text and original text length so that they wouldn’t differ greatly
Stay on top of the whole translation process and easily manage it with ClickHelp.
"No more wondering where your translations are, no more hunting them down, no more delays."
Use the Translation Editor to localize topics, portal Home page, menu items, screenshots, images.

Localizing Screenshots

Your documentation contains a lot of screenshots and you need to vary them in different languages? ClickHelp eases this process! When translating a topic to a new language - you can leave the same screenshot or upload the one that is language-specific for this translation. ClickHelp has screenshots localization: localized versions can be added to the editor via drag-n-drop or uploaded directly to the File Manager.
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Translator Dashboard - Facilitating Your Translations

Managing numerous documents and their multilingual versions may feel like a lot of manual file management. It doesn’t have to be like that! Raise the standards of your workflow efficiency with the translator dashboard from ClickHelp. The dashboard has predefined views that help to manage translation projects.
The Translator Dashboard is a great tool for translators to manage their work and see the progress easily. Here you have:
  • List of documents for translation with filtering by statuses, assignee, progress, etc.
  • Visual indicator of the translation process for each topic (where you don’t need to open each topic everything is evident)
  • Grouping by project, assignee, status, language - allows to spot the bottleneck, get an understanding of the overall progress, simplify handling the translation process.
Make your content translation more efficient and rapid with ClickHelp.
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