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Policies and Procedures Software

Being a business owner, do you dream of efficient communication among employees, unified work standards, smooth workflow, and growth? With ClickHelp, you can get all that and even more! Create policy and procedure manuals quickly and easily with ClickHelp, saving your time and money.

Get Your Benefits with ClickHelp

  • Multiple versions of the same document. Take advantage of single-sourcing and content reuse to create multiple versions of one and the same document as different teams may use slightly different policy and procedure manuals that contain a lot of content in common.
  • Password-protected documentation. Create password-protected policies and procedures for sensitive information.
  • Online and browser-based tool. Start working in your documentation portal right away.
  • Customizable workflow. ClickHelp can support any workflow that meets the needs of your team, no matter how complicated it is or how many approval steps you have.
  • Intuitive documentation portal. ClickHelp is an easy-to-use tool. It doesn’t require a tedious learning curve. But at the same time, it can help you solve complicated and high-level problems.
  • Multi-channel publishing. Choose the format that suits you best: online documentation, PDF, Web Help, etc.
  • 24/7 access. With ClickHelp, you’ll create policy and procedure manuals that can be accessed anytime and from any device: a laptop, tablet, smartphone. You’ll have a centralized repository with easily findable documents.

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Best Practices for Creating Policy and Procedure Manuals

If you still don’t have a policy and procedure manual for your employees, or you have it, but it doesn’t meet your needs, here is how you can create an efficient one:

Use Diverse Content

To increase employee productivity, use different types of content: video, diagrams, tables, feedback forms, and far more things. Interactive content transforms dry, boring manual into a thrilling journey to new knowledge and skills.

Support Teamwork

Most probably, you have a technical writing team, editors, SMEs, and other stakeholders that are involved in manual creation process. Organize and regulate their cooperation in a convenient environment. Adjust their roles to improve writing, reviewing, and editing.

Use Analytics and Reporting

To find out whether your topics are helpful, you are to use statistics. Check content quality metrics and user behavior analytics. Apart from that, you can check the popularity of queries to make sure your manuals are easy-to-find.

Make Navigation Convenient

Create a convenient navigation system in your policy and procedure manual to let your employees be easily guided. Use the following navigation elements for this purpose: TOC, breadcrumbs, next/previous topic, see also, search bar, etc.

Update Policy and Procedure Manuals Timely

It is vital to deliver the right content to the right audience without delays. Reuse content reducing the time you need to update your policy and procedure manuals. Timely updates will eliminate mistakes and downtime.

Role-Based Access for Readers

Use different types of access for different types of employees to protect sensitive information that is not supposed to be used by everyone. Not all employees are supposed to have access to all the policy and procedure manuals that exist in your company.

How to Create Multi-Language Policy and Procedure Manuals?

Create multi-language policy and procedure manuals with ClickHelp. It has the Translation Module to help you translate and manage your manuals in one tool. Invite a translator to work on your documentation, just like in a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool.

Multi-Language Policy

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