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Training Documentation Software

Training manuals are highly important for quick and successful onboarding. With ClickHelp, you’ll create the most efficient and enjoyable training manuals. One of the most important factors is to deliver relevant information timely and to the right audience.

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Training Documentation Software

Why ClickHelp Is the Best Tool for Creating Training Manuals?

Centralized storage for training manuals

Get a centralized repository for all types of documents, including training manuals. Your customers will find what they need in a matter of seconds without looking through numerous links and documents.

Training documentation available 24/7 from any device

ClickHelp is a cloud documentation tool, all training materials will be available online. No need to use huge paper manuals - a laptop or a smartphone will do. Customers will find what they need in any situation.

Multiple versions of training guides

In big companies, different departments and teams may need slightly or totally different training manuals. Create multiple versions of one and the same manual and efficiently reuse content.

Easy to update training materials

Update learning materials in a matter of seconds, which will drastically save your time and effort. Single-sourcing is one of the features that enable contributors to get more control over the content update process.

Rich content for training manuals

Create efficient training documentation by adding images, screenshots, tables, videos to increase users’ engagement. All that makes documentation enjoyable as visual information is easy to perceive.

Ready-made brandable templates

Create nice-looking training manuals by using one of the available templates. If that is not enough for you, our Branding Team can help you create a documentation portal of your dream. Have a look at some examples in our Portal Gallery.

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Migrate Your Training Manuals to ClickHelp

It is so easy to migrate existing content to ClickHelp! Our platform works with the most popular formats and automatically processes content, styles, links, images, etc.

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Best Practices for Developing Training Manuals

Create nice-looking training manuals

Choose one of the six out-of-the-box brandable templates for your training project. They offer not only different color combinations but totally different layouts as each type of technical documentation has its own unique features and characteristics. Create your own structure for training manuals and use your own design.

Use WYSIWYG editor

ClickHelp offers using a WYSIWYG editor to clearly see what your documentation is going to look like while you work on it and what it is going to look like when published. That is a helpful tool for all those technical writers and information architects who are not ready to spend time mastering complicated tools.

Use the right navigation elements

Choose the most suitable navigation elements for your training manuals: TOC, mini-TOC, breadcrumbs, see also, next/previous topic, etc. They help users navigate and find relevant topics on the spot without looking through the whole manual.

Keep track of statistics

ClickHelp offers a wide variety of reports to estimate not only the readiness of a project but also readers’ feedback, the most popular articles, and readability of texts. You’ll surely know which publications are helpful and which require updating. Use reports to improve your documentation process.

Create multi-language training manuals

To enter foreign markets and go global, use our translation module for creating, managing, and localizing online training manuals in different languages. No need to use different platforms to write and translate training materials. Save time, money, and effort with just one tool.

Award-Winning Training Documentation Tool

Thousands of customers from all over the world already use ClickHelp to provide their clients with enjoyable, nice-looking, and efficient training manuals!

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