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Create Developer Documentation with ClickHelp

What are the features of ideal developer documentation? It clearly explains product functionality; it is centralized and allows users to find relevant information in a matter of seconds. The ClickHelp technical writing platform offers not only that. You’ll be able to create developer documentation that is easy to manage and update.

Why ClickHelp Is the Best Solution to Create Developer Documentation?

  • Easy maintenance of multiple documentation versions. Single-sourcing and content reuse allow you to create multiple versions of the same developer documents: for example, for internal and external users.
  • Quick developer documentation update. Update the whole project or separate topics in a matter of seconds.
  • Convenient collaboration. Provide your team with a convenient environment for collaboration: adjust roles and types of access for all team members, use review comments and notifications to keep track of what is happening to a project.
  • Easy content sharing. If you, as a developer, use Markdown to create content, you can provide technical writers with documents in MD format, so they can easily import them into their ClickHelp projects and edit the content.
  • Visible code samples. Insert code samples with automatic syntax highlighting and make them visible by separating them from blocks of text. We support dozens of programming languages!
  • Intuitive tool. ClickHelp is a straightforward platform that is easy to implement and use to create your online developer documentation.

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Best Practices for Creating Developer Documentation

Publish developer documentation online

Provide customers with 24/7 access to developer documentation from any device and any location.

Include different types of content

Increase the efficiency of SDK documentation using diverse content: tables, diagrams, code snippets, request or response samples, videos if needed.

Use a WYSIWYG editor

A WYSISYG editor is a must for those who want to know what their documentation looks like while writing.

Create beautiful developer documentation

Choose a tool that will allow you to create brandable documentation or use nice-looking documentation design templates.

Translate documentation for international clients

Choose a developer documentation tool to translate content along with writing, managing, and publishing it.

Use analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting will help you measure the performance of documentation and find the points for improvement.

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