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Software For Tutorial Creation

Online tutorials come to the users’ rescue when users face a technically complicated task and need teaching on the spot. Use the ClickHelp cloud software for tutorial creation to offer online instructions as a sequence of steps with the Next/Previous navigation and rich content!

Create and manage your tutorials online with ClickHelp without downloading any additional apps.
Visualize information using images, videos, interactive content, code blocks, code samples, expandable blocks.
Access from anywhere in the world to learn a product whenever you are ready.

Create Tutorials Online with ClickHelp

Our cloud platform is a fast and efficient way to produce and manage online tutorials.

  • Easy to use MS Word-like editor to create more in less time without the need to take complex training.
  • Your public online tutorials are indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. Your clients find the instructions easier, you get fewer support tickets!
  • Import your existing tutorials from a number of formats to a single portal.
  • Your tutorial is available via a link at any time for your clients’ convenience.
  • Password-protect your online tutorials to give access to a restricted number of users.

Why Host Tutorials Online?

Regardless of your industry, online tutorials can be the best method to deliver knowledge about your software product. With ClickHelp, you can offer your content online, or provide downloadable formats like PDF or Word.
With online tutorials you get the following benefits.

Easy to access for users. Just open your tutorial in a web browser and take pleasure in reading.
Better searchability — your clients can find them in search engines and don’t have to download any files.
Easier to keep current and improve your online tutorials. All your clients access the latest version.
Context Help integration — you can embed online tutorials into your web-based software.

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Best Practices for Online Software Tutorials

Instead of simply reading about a work-related process, online tutorials help users to observe, reflect and then replicate the steps. This helps to improve knowledge retention, enhance productivity and proficiency.

Create Online for Easier Editing

Writing for learning objectives requires a different mindset. Create task-oriented, well-organized content. This is the same mindset used for creating content for reuse.

Collaborate Easily with SMEs

Engage Subject Matter Experts in validating the steps for online tutorials. In ClickHelp, you can easily do it with review functionality.

Update Online Tutorials Quickly

Online tutorials should get frequent revisions: to incorporate the latest feedback from users, for example. With ClickHelp it is easy to publish your online tutorial in a matter of minutes.

Create Downloadable Files

Make your online tutorials downloadable with ClickHelp online platform - provide all popular formats, such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, ODT, etc.

Navigation In Online Tutorials

Your readers shouldn’t be lost in your online tutorial ClickHelp has the following navigation elements to avoid such a scenario.

Next/previous topic
Follow the right order of topics without jumping around
Help the user understand where they are in terms of content structure
Locate it at the beginning of a help topic. It will repeat the hierarchy of titles in the given text
Tutorials with user guides to provide additional information where needed
Is used for nonlinear navigation. However, in rare cases, tutorials may require such a navigation element
Index keywords
Assign terms to help topics to make them appear in the search results
Full-text search
Help your readers find information faster
See also
Give your users a quick idea of how well a feature is represented in a tutorial

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