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Knowledge Base Software

knowledge base can give easy access to information for your customers and employees. With ClickHelp you can easily create, organize, and manage an online knowledge base.

Improved customer service
Higher productivity
Increased collaboration
Faster response to repeated questions

From protocols and contracts to documents, templates, FAQs, and guidelines, every business needs an effective system for categorizing, sharing, and updating information.

ClickHelp Documentation Software Features

Make it easy for your clients to solve problems with an effective knowledge base in ClickHelp.

An intuitive, smart editor
Content reuse for different audiences
Your knowledge base content is always fresh with as many updates as you need
Improved customer success with Google Analytics 4 integration
Publish topics one by one or in bulk as needed
A clear structure and content hierarchy to help your readers navigate the knowledge base
A full-text search to quickly find the needed resource
Templates creation for easier content contribution
Permission control for different types of users
Customizable branding to match your company’s design: add a logo, use the same color scheme, fonts, etc.

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Benefits of an Online Knowledge Base

Companies create knowledge bases to make clients more satisfied with their products.

Benefits of an Online Knowledge Base
Centralized storage for product knowledge
Case deflection for technical support
Latest troubleshooting tips
Quick answers to commonly asked questions
More professional and smart image of your company

How to Use ClickHelp to Create a Knowledge Base

ClickHelp is the right tool for hosting and managing your online knowledge base.

Our Knowledge Base Platform enables you to create, publish, share, utilize and manage knowledge across your whole company.

Invite SMEs as contributors to expand the knowledge base and provide feedback.

Different departments can collaborate on content for the company's knowledge base. Make employees feel more involved and engaged with each other.

Manage your knowledge base permissions according to the user role: writer, reviewer, translator, power reader.

Quickly publish new articles, update them when needed, and delete outdated content that’s no longer relevant.

We integrate with the latest GA4 protocol. You can use it to understand how people interact with your content.

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