Collaboration and Teamwork

When creating documentation in a team of technical writers, working together may become a real challenge when using conventional desktop documentation tools.
For example, using Microsoft Word may seem like a good idea - as long as you’re the only person writing the documentation. But what if multiple technical writers need to work on the same user guide at the same time? And what happens when you need to send the resulting document for review to an SME over email? Someone may still be making changes while an SME is doing the review, causing things go out of sync.


Before: write in MS Word, send via email, last minute changes, SME on vacation, where is the latest version?


After: write, review, publish, create great documentation

Cloud Documentation Tool

ClickHelp is a ready-to-use multi-authoring environment for your technical writing team. It does not matter whether you work from the same office or collaborate from different locations around the world: ClickHelp adapts to your needs and fits the setup and workflow you are already using.
"With ClickHelp, different teams work in a single collaborative environment"
The user management approach is flexible: users can have multiple roles (including custom ones), as well as project-specific permissions. Also, there are three different user types in ClickHelp - each having different user interface and used for different purposes:
Authors are your technical writers. They have the most feature-rich interface because their needs are varied and we wanted to give them a way to do everything inside one tool easily. Their roles vary from Administrator to Corrector for even more in-depth control of your team’s work.
Reviewers have a special UI to help them focus on the process. It provides quick access to the documents to review, easy ways to add comments, and send the document back or forward through the workflow. Reviewers cannot change the content directly - they can only add comments, change topic status and other workflow fields, so you can even provide Reviewer access to beta testers or external contractors.
Readers are the ones you create your documentation for. They come in two flavors: anonymous readers who can access only public documents in your portal; and Power Readers who can access password-protected documentation. In ClickHelp, you can easily combine public and restricted documentation in a single portal.

Document Workflow

ClickHelp comes with a predefined topic workflow. For more complicated workflows, you can define custom statuses and transitions to reflect your actual work process. Using document statuses, you track each topic's current state and have an excellent overview of the project readiness.

Review Comments

Leave comments inside topics just like you used to in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, reply, resolve or delete obsolete and unnecessary comments. Visual highlighting and easy navigation help you effortlessly jump to a part of the topic that needs your attention.

Email Notifications

Email notifications for new comments/replies, topic or comment workflow status changes or batch updates help you and your team stay in touch with each other and not miss a single thing.

Version History

View the version history of a topic, compare different topic versions, see what exactly has changed or even roll back to a previous topic version. Version history is not limited and includes workflow actions as well as information on the editing session duration and a brief overview of the specific changes.
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Flexibility and Power
Lots of import and export options, along with advanced customization options make ClickHelp very flexible and powerful tool for technical documentation.
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Single-Sourcing and Content Reuse
ClickHelp allows you to spend less time on routine tasks and more on creating the content. Conditional blocks, snippets and variables for unprecedented ease of writing.
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