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Build awesome online user guides that meet the needs of both customers and your team.
Сhoose the right documentation tool. The ClickHelp platform will help you save the time your team spends on user manuals creation and maintenance!

Save up to 20% of manual creation time
Speed up manual maintenance up to 30%
Increase case deflection up to 15%

Why ClickHelp Is the Best Solution to Create User Manuals?

Perfect for teamwork

Working on user guides may be challenging if you have a big team… but not with ClickHelp! All your technical writers, SMEs, reviewers can work in the same workspace without being disturbed! All changes or comments will be safely kept in the portal!

Easy to update user guides

How often do you have new releases and update user guides? We know that updating is as time- and effort-consuming as writing documentation from scratch. In ClickHelp, it takes seconds to update a user guide or to publish its new version.

Simple and clear versioning

Do all of your customers need the same user manuals? The single-sourcing and content reuse features offered by ClickHelp allow you to easily create as many versions of a manual as you need, storing the initial content in one place.

Deep analytics and reporting

Do you know how your team works on a project or whether customers find your topics helpful? You will learn a lot about the readiness of your project, the productivity of your team, your customers’ behavior and interaction with content, and far more things from our reports.

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Examples of Software User Guides Created with ClickHelp

User guides are created in many different industries, and ClickHelp gives a wide variety of solutions for all kinds of scenarios. Publish users manuals both online and in PDF format, use advanced technical writing techniques and content reuse, make your documentation professional.

Our customers come from different spheres but what unites them is that they all have drastically improved their user manual creation processes with ClickHelp. Get inspired by their documentation portals and create an ideal one for you customers.

Want to Know How to Solve Your Tech Writing Problems?

Bring your business to the next level with the help of professionally built and highly informative user guides that perfectly meet the needs of your customers. Let us tell you how to get started quickly, how to create user guides, migrate existing software manuals to ClickHelp, and which features to use to improve your daily workflow.

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Boost Business Success with ClickHelp

Improve customer experience

You can provide customers with in-product assistance. With ClickHelp, you can create context help popups right in your product. Customers will quickly find assistance, and it won’t take much time and effort to update context help - the content is stored in the portal and is retrieved automatically.

Create documentation faster

You can use the short iterations practice to work on documentation. In ClickHelp, you can publish documentation partially, for example, topic by topic. That’s a great advantage when developers prepare a minor release. Technical writers don’t have to update all the docs that accompany a product. They can work on several topics that are needed in the first instance.

Deflect cases with online user guides

That’s a common practice when customers are looking for relevant information on the Internet. When your docs are published online, your support team will get fewer tickets. Clients will find answers to their questions themselves.

Speed up the review process

That’s so inconvenient to use email or messengers to review documentation. In ClickHelp, you can invite all the stakeholders to the portal and they will be able to review the content in real-time and see the latest updates.

Unify and centralize your information

All documentation is stored in one place. You’ll see all versions of one and the same document and be sure which is the last one.

Awesome Customer Experience

Great user experience and amazing user documentation are our primary goals. Customer success is what makes us keep working on our platform to make it better for you day by day.

We offer our customers a high-quality product with one of the most responsive support teams to meet very special needs and expectations.

ClickHelp is changing the way our company handles documentation
Mike Levinson, Lloyd's Register

Our company has many software products and supporting user guides and manuals. With no standardization in place we were looking for an on-line solution to improve the overall look and consistency of our user guides and installation manuals. After reviewing several of the leading Help Authoring Tools (HAT) on the market, we decided on ClickHelp. Several key features of ClickHelp ...

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Incredibly capable and flexible
Joe S., Trifectix

The content editor is extremely easy to use while still being very feature rich. It's easy for a broad range of skill sets to use the system and then generating documentation in multiple formats is straight forward and extremely accurate. We've leveraged ...

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