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ClickHelp – Reliable Alternative to Document360

The ClickHelp platform offers a remarkable product, exceptional customer support, and enables seamless single sourcing.

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The Benefits of Choosing ClickHelp Over Document360

Discover the ideal match for your business, where ClickHelp stands out as the preferred option over Document360!

Multi-project environment
Cross-platform cloud solution
Sub-folder Hosting
Documentation authoring
Online documentation publishing
Documentation site customization with custom CSS or JavaScript
Full power of HTML
Regular expressions in search and replace
Translation management
Unlimited version history and rollback
Inline review comments
Accessible reader UI
Global variables
Multiple import and export formats15+2
Integrations and extensions20+11
Content metrics30+4

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Top Reasons Why Customers Choose ClickHelp

Multi-product Portal
Multiple products, user guides, versions - one portal to manage everything.
Cross-Platform Cloud Solution
Use a powerful tool for enabling working on different platforms.
High-Quality Support
Get quality responses from experts who understand what a tech writer needs.
Multiple Formats
Use 15+ import and export formats, content backups for simple migration process.
30+ topic metrics
Optimize your content for better user experience and engagement.
Translation Management
Streamline the translation process with: machine translation, XLIFF format import/export support.
Categorize and organize information, making it easier for readers to navigate through the document and locate specific topics or sections.
Smart Full-Text Search
Fixes typos, supports word forms, suggests related queries – helps readers find the answers!
Conditional Content
Get the content tailored to specific audiences without the need for multiple versions of the same document and save time.

Real Stories: What Our Customers Say About Their ClickHelp Experience

Vladlen V., tech writer
Vladlen V.
tech writer
Flexible tool for turn your DOC/PDF documentation into a convenient and beautiful portal

ClickHelp is an excellent solution when you need to turn a lot of existing documentation into a modern web portal with easy navigation and quick search. If you do not have any special requests for the article’s layout, the import process will allow you to publish documentation on the web quickly. If you want to make a beautiful layout with the insertion of graphics, videos and interactive elements, ClickHelp is also quite flexible.

Michael B., writer/consultant
Michael B.
Outstanding help documentation

The most helpful thing about ClickHelp is the built-in HELP documentation. It’s about the best I’ve seen, and it made learning the tool much easier.

Dominique D., operational manager
Dominique D.
Operational manager
A professional partner with a perfect tool to provide information to our customers

ClickHelp is an easy to use tool, to provide information to our customers on a secure way. The People of the organization ClickHelp react fast and correct, so we don’t have to worry about the technical part of the solution. The tool makes it possible to provide very targeted and personalized information to the users of our application in a secure manner. Keeping this information up to date can be accomplished without much effort.

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