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ClickHelp: Your Preferred Alternative to Paligo

Seamless transition from Paligo with ClickHelp's modern cloud platform. Enjoy the benefits of its intuitive interface, easy learning curve, powerful branding features, exceptional customer support, as well as single sourcing and dynamic content.

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Why Choose ClickHelp Over Paligo

Explore the distinctive features and advantages that make ClickHelp stand out.

Cross-platform cloud solution
Documentation authoring
Topic-based authoring
Content formatting
Intuitive authoring environment
Integrated documentation hosting
Customizable documentation site
Password-protected documentation
Content readability reports
Reader behavior reports
Custom workflow
Ready to use project templates
Content metrics30+6

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Why Customers Prefer ClickHelp as a Great Alternative to Paligo

Intuitive Authoring Environment
Enhance user experience and engagement by harnessing the intuitive authoring environment for streamlined technical documentation management.
Password-Protected Documentation
Fortify document security and control access, ensuring a safeguarded and exclusive content experience for authorized users.
Reader Behavior Reports
Gain valuable insights into reader behavior, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and enhance your documentation's effectiveness.
30+ Topic Metrics
Optimize your content for better user experience and engagement.
High-Quality Support
Receive high-quality answers from professionals who comprehend the requirements of a technical writer.
Customizable Documentation Site
Tailor your documentation site to your specific needs and create a unique and branded experience for your audience.
Content Readability Reports
Generate informative reports on content readability, offering insights to enhance the comprehensibility of your material.
Ready to Use Project Templates
Jumpstart your documentation projects, expedite the content creation process, and improve efficiency.
Conditional Content
Get the content tailored to specific audiences without the need for multiple versions of the same document and save time.

Real Stories: What Our Customers Say About Their ClickHelp Experience

Become part of the community of content users who have already switched to ClickHelp and experienced the difference firsthand.

Dominique D., operational manager
Dominique D.
Operational manager
A professional partner with a perfect tool to provide information to our customers

ClickHelp is an easy to use tool, to provide information to our customers on a secure way. The People of the organization ClickHelp react fast and correct, so we don’t have to worry about the technical part of the solution. The tool makes it possible to provide very targeted and personalized information to the users of our application in a secure manner. Keeping this information up to date can be accomplished without much effort.

Emy M., Learning and Development Specialist
Emy M.
Learning and Development Specialist
Great Tool for Online and Printed Outputs

I like that I can create and manage my documentation online with ClickHelp without downloading any additional apps since ClickHelp is a browser-based solution. Plus, I like that ClickHelp is a complete tool, so I don’t need to buy any additional packages.

Md O., Admin manager
Md O.
Admin manager
Excellent Experience

ClickHelp matches all my team’s needs. First of all, it didn’t take much time to learn this tool – it’s so easy to start work. Just open your portal, click Create a Project, and then you’ll see the WYSIWYG editor (I’m sure it’s familiar to you). That’s all! Also, I like that this tool adapts to my team’s workflow. Every documentation team is different, and their workflow is different. ClickHelp is totally flexible since statuses and available transitions between them are adjustable.

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