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Create User Guides Online

With ClickHelp you can create various types of documentation in a cloud portal, publish and update them easily. Produce online user guides, FAQs, tutorials, installation instructions, and much more!

No need to install anything – ClickHelp is an all-in-one web-based tech writing platform. You author, review, publish and manage your technical documentation online from anywhere in the world.

Your Documentation Site

By signing up for ClickHelp, you get your own online documentation portal hosted in our cloud. Import your existing DOCX, HTML or CHM user guides into your portal easily with our content importing tools.
Your ClickHelp portal will be the central place to write docs, review it, and host the final output for your readers. You can generate a number of output types:

  • Publish and host user guides in your portal.
  • Host HTML 5 Web Help on your own web server.
  • Generate printed versions as DOCX, PDF, etc.

Reasons to Host your Manuals Online

Companies have a lot of documentation they deliver with their products. Most of the time, it is shipped as PDF or DOCX files. With this approach, they are missing many benefits.

By using ClickHelp documentation platform, you get a lot more than just online user guides:

  • Searchable docs reduce technical support cost.
  • Hundreds of new relevant pages give SEO effect.
  • Save time writing and publishing your manuals.
  • Generate more revenue by providing the right poduct documentation in the pre-sales cycle.

See it in Action!

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