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IntSights Case Study - ClickHelp Contributes to Cyber Security

About IntSights

IntSights enables organizations of any type or size to gain the full benefits of external threat intelligence, no matter the size or sophistication of their threat intelligence programs. Unlike any other solution on the market, IntSights takes the complexity out of threat intelligence and delivers instant value without the heavy lift or sizable resource allocation that traditional threat intelligence solutions require. Designed to scale, IntSights is for any company, and frictionless integration of our real-time cyber threat intelligence with existing security infrastructure allows enterprises to maximize return on investment. IntSights has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, Dallas, New York, Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.

Aryeh Sonnenberg
Information Architect
IntSights Cyber Intelligence



IntSights Products and Services

Here are the products that IntSights offers to protect your business:

  • Threat Command: Finds and mitigates external threats that directly target your organization, employees, and customers, so you can prevent and identify new cyber threats.
  • Threat Intelligence Platform. Centralizes and operationalizes various sources of intelligence to ensure your blocklists are up to date. It allows you to understand clearly which IOCs represent the greatest risk for your organization.
  • Vulnerability Risk Analyzer: Instantly prioritizes patching for critical vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Third Party: Identify the level of risk your third parties face. Leveraging IntSights’ best-in-class threat intelligence capabilities, security professionals get a better understanding of the threats facing their third parties based on data collected from dark web forums, active threats, and more.
  • Threat Orchestration. Integrate this security solution to automate and integrate external intelligence. It’s useful when you need to translate the information into cybercriminals action to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.
  • Threat Research. Stay up-to-date on your adversaries’ latest strategies, movements, tendencies, and TTPs. IntSights research and analyst teams provide you with deep investigation and threat actor research. IntSights offers a wide range of solutions like dark web monitoring, proactive compliance and risk management, brand protection, and much more.

How is ClickHelp saving IntSights time and effort?

Custom Branding

Our corporate colors are blue, white, and dark navy. We also have some custom brand elements, for example, the use of an iceberg. An iceberg represents the concept of IntSights’ products – they help customers examine the entire “iceberg” to identify and stitch together the clues that an attack may be coming your way.

The ClickHelp Branding Team has enabled us to duplicate branding within our documentation portal is – brand colors, styles, and the iceberg are all there.

It is important for IntSights to provide high-quality documentation which helps customers use the software effectively and solve their security issues easier. ClickHelp helps save time and effort, by making our technical writing more productive and efficient.

Different Manuals – One Place

We offer customers a wide range of products, and it’s a best practice to provide all customer documentation in a single place. ClickHelp is a great solution for this purpose – all our users can find all the necessary information on different products in one portal. Moreover, because of the specifics of our products and services, our user manuals are private and not available to everyone on the Internet. ClickHelp provides password-protected documentation functionality with different visibility levels, so we can easily create restricted user guides, and only logged-in users can read them.

We chose ClickHelp because of quick onboarding and uptime. It’s proven to be great for us at the onset, and also to have the feature set that we need as we scale our online documentation needs.

Single Sign-on via Token-based Authentication

Because we create restricted documentation, it’s important to make the login process easy for our users. We selected an authentication method that helps us implement our own login process – we use One-time Login Tokens with ClickHelp.

Excellent Customer Service

ClickHelp is well-known for excellent customer service. They guarantee a response within 24 hours to any query.If we have a question, it is not a bottleneck in our working process – all the answers are quick and clear, so our tech writing team can work effectively and productively. If you’re a novice in technical writing or don’t have experience with professional help authoring tools, ClickHelp offers training and consulting services to ensure customer success.

What would you and your company like to communicate to the ClickHelp Team?

We truly appreciate the top-notch customer service, covering our needs 24 / 6. They understand the questions and issues and address them all. There is no frustrating back-and-forth, rather great, straight forward answers and solutions. ClickHelp has placed IntSights in the HTML Help world, in a very fast, professional way.