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ClickHelp December 2012 Release Notes

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In this ClickHelp release, we are adding the Restricted Access functionality, so you can give access to to some documents only to registered readers.

New Features

  • User permissions and user management implemented. Administrators can now control roles assigned to other users, and limit their permissions if necessary. Also, administrators can see articles, styles and scripts locked for editing by every user, and force unlocking them when necessary.
  • User profiles implemented. You can now specify your e-mail and other information in your ClickHelp user profile. The e-mail address is used for important notifications like password change, password recovery, etc.
  • The Restricted Access mode is implemented. A new Power Reader role was added, so you can implement Restricted Access to your documentation. Users with this role can log in to ClickHelp, but they can’t see projects. At that, they can see hidden publications that are not available to public reading. Just like the number of normal readers, the number of Power Readers is unlimited!
  • The Recent Documents panel implemented. You can now easily navigate to your recently edited articles, styles and scripts from the Projects page.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a problem with uploading large files (50+ Mb) to Storage – a timeout error no longer occurs during uploading.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-completion feature: the context is now recognized correctly for HTML documents and you’re able to see names of local variables in JavaScript blocks embedded into your markup.
  • Project settings refresh issue fixed: now, the settings are refreshed properly on the Projects page after being modified from the Project Settings dialog.
  • Other minor fixes.

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