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ClickHelp April 2013 Release Notes

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Take a look at those ready-to-use project templates for online manuals! They are created by our designer to help you save your time doing this. Use them “as is” or modify the graphics and CSS styles!

New Features

  • New project templates. This release introduces 6 project templates, providing ready-to-use images and styles for your documentation projects along with templates of all the basic elements you might need: start page, headings with custom fonts, custom-styled tables, lists, pictures, information and warning boxes, “See Also” blocks, fixed navigation panels, tutorials, FAQ entries and more.
  • Create Project Wizard was added. It is now possible to select templates for project creation. Take a look at each of the templates via the preview control integrated directly into the wizard.
  • Copy Project Wizard was added. Now, when you copy a project, you can control how styles, scripts and project files are handled.
  • Publish Project Wizard was added. Get better control over the publishing process.
  • Delete Project Wizard was added. New options allow you to control whether additional content like project files, styles and scripts will be deleted along with the project – you may want to keep it for later use, or delete forever.
  • Import Project Wizard was added. The importing process is now more intuitive, you can upload your offline manuals directly into the wizard, bypassing the Storage.
  • The home page is now accessible to authors. Authors are no longer redirected to the Projects page from the server’s home page – they can check how the home page looks like for users, and they don’t have to log out from the system now.
  • Links to hidden publications on the home page for Power Readers. For those who implement the restricted access approach, hidden publications are not visible on the server home page when a Power Reader user is logged in to the system.
  • Other nice enhancements for technical writers!

Fixed Issues

  • Articles Editor stability improved. The article locking feature no longer closes the editor unexpectedly.
  • Styles and scripts editors stability improved. The file locking feature no longer closes the editors unexpectedly.
  • Other minor fixes.

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