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ClickHelp February 2013 Release Notes

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Starting with this release, you can use your own domain name for your ClickHelp Documentation Portal. We have also added Google Analytics support, so you can easily get a plenty of stats about your readers.

New Features

  • Domain Mapping implemented. You can use your own domain name (e.g. for your ClickHelp server. Minor DNS changes needed on your side, and a couple of options changing on the ClickHelp side.
  • AddThis integration implemented. Readers can share your articles in 300+ social networks and (optionally) see popularity counters for an article. Easy to configure – you just put your AddThis account ID to global settings. Free registration needed on the AddThis web site to see statistical reports.
  • Ratings support implemented. Now readers can add their votes for your online articles to rate it as good, or not so good.
  • Google Analytics support implemented. You can now track your users’ activity with the power of Google Analytics. It is possible to use different GA Property IDs for different projects, so you can track different projects’ stats separately. Google Analytics registration is free of charge, you just need a Google Account.
  • Branding support implemented. You can now configure page headers to display your company logo, slogan and a link to your website. You can also specify a custom favicon for your ClickHelp server, use custom markup for the server’s home page and even configure the markup of the “Article Not Found”, “Project Not Found” and other “404” pages.
  • Context help feature implemented. It is now possible to embed your help topics right into the markup of your online products. Moreover, you can control how links in the help topics will behave, and enable Google Analytics tracking for these embedded topics.
  • Other nice enhancements for technical writers!

Fixed Issues

  • Edited index keywords are now parsed correctly – if a comma is present in a keyword’s name, a second-level keyword is created automatically.
  • Full-text search lexer problem fixed: parentheses in search queries are now handled correctly (were recognized as simple word separators before).
  • Article Editor issue fixed: now, the list of available statuses is updated properly after article status change.
  • Password reset feature fixed: now, it uses only alphanumeric characters for new passwords.
  • Other minor fixes.

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