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ClickHelp March 2014 Release Notes

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In our March update, ClickHelp has got an updated Projects page. We have made this page responsive, more valuable, and looking much better. This release also includes the new statistics functionality to assist documentation authoring teams with their documentation project planning and analysis. The Disqus commenting service integration is helping you improve the content engagement.

New Features

Statistics and Analytics

  • New Project Statistics. We have dramatically re-worked the project statistics functionality. Now, it is a good tool for project readiness analysis, resource planning, and popularity analysis. Select a project or a publication on the Projects page, and Click the “Statistics” toolbar button.
  • Feature-rich Statistics Grid. Provides a plenty of useful functions:
    * Data sorting
    * Grouping by columns: Status, Assigned To, Owner, etc.
    * Three filtering options: quick filter in the column headers, drop-down filter for specific values in the column header, advanced filtering (check the grid footer for a link).
    * Summary values: total number of articles, number of article views, etc.
    * Endless paging for better performance in large projects – more articles are loaded dynamically as you scroll the grid down.
  • Four Statistical Charts for Projects. Distribution of project articles by statuses, newly created articles per month, articles distribution by owners and statuses, articles distribution by assignee and status.
  • Two Statistical Charts for Publications. To better understand your documentation readers’ behaviour, check the stats on how exactly they navigate to the topics. In the statistical charts, you can distinguish the following navigation scenarios: TOC node clicks, index keywords clicks, full-text search queries, in-page link clicks. The pie chart also shows the total number of article views during the specified report period. You can also see the distribution of article views by types and days.
  • Segment Details for Charts. Click a segment of any chart to see all the articles from the segment in the Statistics grid – the required filter applies to the grid automatically.
  • Report Periods. All the stats are available for any period you specify. By default, you see the last month statistics.
  • Publication Stats for Analysis. For any publication, you can check the Statistics grid to find out the following details about each help topic:
    * Total number of article views.
    * Average rating of an article.
    * Weighted rating of an article (average rating multiplied by the number of votes).
    * Percentage of rated views (the number of votes divided by the number of article views).
  • Topic Navigation Stats for Publications. When you are drilling down into the viewing stats of a specific topic in a Publication, the Statistics grid shows the following details:
    * The navigation type: TOC, index, search, in-page links.
    * The navigation source string (full name of TOC node, index keyword text, search query or referrer page URL).
    * The total number of article views for a specific navigation type.
  • Charts Filtering. All charts can be filtered to show just a subset of data – for example, distribution of articles in the Draft and Under Review statuses by authors.
  • The Statistics Grid Layout is Saved. Set it up once to match your documentation project analysis task, and it will remember the configuration.

Projects Page

  • New Projects Page! We have significantly improved the usability, responsiveness, and the value of the page. Also, now it looks really nice 🙂
  • Quick Stats for Projects & Publications. A new Quick Stats panel was added at the top of the Projects Tree. It shows basic statistics on the currently selected project or publication. For projects, the displayed stats are: total article count; articles distribution by workflow statuses. For publications, the stats are: total article views last month; article views distribution by action types (TOC, Index, Search, in-page links).
  • Project Actions Toolbar. All project and publication actions are now available on a single toolbar located above the Projects Tree.
  • New Widgets! On the right side of the Projects page, you can see a configurable set of widgets:
    * The Getting Started widget contains quick links to some essential actions you should perform when you start working with ClickHelp.
    * The Recent Documents widget contains a list of documents you opened recently. The documents you open more often are at the top, and every document can be locked or removed from the list.
    * The ClickHelp Blog widget provides a feed of latest posts in ClickHelp #Techcomm Blog.
    * The Maintenance Announcements widget provides a feed of ClickHelp maintenance announcements to keep you up to date with the upcoming server maintenance.
    * The Version History widget provides a feed of release notes for latest ClickHelp releases.
    * The Technical Support widget contains a link to ClickHelp documentation and allows contacting the Support Team instantly.
    * The Project Statistics widget shows personal stats on the currently selected project or publication. The metrics are the same as those in the Projects Tree panel, but the widget shows personalized numbers: for projects, it uses the articles assigned to the current; and for publications, it uses the articles owned by the current user.
  • Widgets Layout is Saved. The widgets layout is saved in your user profile, so you get your favorite setup on any devise you login from.
  • The “New Project” Wizard Has Been Improved. Now, you can see the project template screenshots in full-screen mode.

SEO & Social Functions

  • Disqus Integration. Readers and authors can now add public comments to help topics. The commenting block is available at the bottom of every help topic. To enable this integration, you need to create a free Disqus account, and specify your “Disqus shortname” in “Tools | Global Settings | Social Networks | Comments”. The Disqus block supports logging in with a number of public services: Disqus, Twitter, Facebook, Google. It shows the public community overview with top contributors and the top discussions lists. You can rate specific comments, it supports avatars and public profiles. You can also moderate comments, and get the analytics on your community members activity. Build a social network around your content!
  • Universal Analytics by Google is Supported. Now, you can choose whether you want to use the new Universal Analytics tracking code or the legacy tracking code for Google Analytics. We recommend using the Universal Analytics code, since it provides more functions.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor input mode changed: now, when Enter is pressed, line breaks are inserted as <br/> tags (<p> tags were used previously).
  • The product documentation link has been added to the main menu.
  • All file manager controls (Styles, Scripts and Stored Files browsers) can now copy files and folders.
  • Overall performance improvements, including page sizes decrease, new lightweight HTML markup for the majority of controls, CSS sprites and numerous styles optimizations.
  • The default role for newly created users is now Corrector, not Administrator.
  • Application visual styles have been improved to better match the new web site appearance.
  • If you’re using a trial version of ClickHelp, the footer panel now shows the number of days remaining until your trial expires. If you’re using a commercial version, the panel warns you if your license is going to expire in 10 days (or earlier). As the number of remaining days becomes fewer, the panel changes its color so that you don’t miss it.

Fixed Issues

  • Automatically generated sitemap files were not available via direct links to unauthorized users and web crawlers. Now, the files are available for public downloads to everyone.
  • All file manager controls (Styles, Scripts and Stored Files browsers) now show correct file sizes in tooltips.
  • The ‘New version of the application has been installed on server…” message no longer appears unexpectedly when unauthenticated users browse documentation.
  • The “Row not found or changed” error no longer occurs when switching a publication’s visibility type.
  • Administrators can now successfully unlock docs locked by other users from their profile pages.
  • The “ClickHelp Accounts” and user profiles pages can now be scrolled vertically.
  • The height of the Copy / Move dialogs in all file manager windows now have their height adjusted for the window height. If the number of root folders is too big, a vertical scrollbar appears.
  • The “Show AddThis counter” option is now disabled in global or project settings if the related “Show AddThis button” option is disabled.
  • If an empty title is set for an article via the Properties dialog, its custom title is now cleared instead of setting “null” as the custom title.

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