ClickHelp April 2017 Release Notes

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We've added some nice features and performance improvements in this minor update.

New Features


    • Topic master page: it is now possible to specify custom topic header HTML on the global, project and topic level.
    • The "Topic Template | Topic Footer and Meta Tags" settings section renamed to "Topic Master Page".
    • The "SEO" section of topic properties renamed to "Master Page" to better reflect the purpose of the section.
    • Opening and reloading performance dramatically improved for all settings pages for portals with huge number of style/script files (hundreds and thousands of files).

    User Management

    • We've added quick search by user names, email addresses, roles, etc. to both Authors and Power Readers lists.


    • It is now possible to obtain topic list for public publications via the API with anonymous access (CORS supported). Previously, getting a topic list always required authentication.


    • PDF and other printed formats: now, if an anchor link refers to an anchor which does not exist, they open the beginning of the referenced topic (the same way topic viewer does in such cases). Previously, such links were treated as broken.

    Other Improvements

    • Overall performance improvements.
    • The Copy Project wizard now prepends the "project-" prefix to project URLs, just like Create Project wizard does.
    • It is now possible to merge list items from a snippet to a list in a help topic - see documentation for more information.

Fixed Issues

    Project Editor

    • Fixed issues with project creation, publishing and export wizards not initializing correctly.

    Topic Editor

    • When locking a topic for editing, then navigating to topic properties and changing the topic URL, the following error message was erroneously displayed after saving changes: "Changes were not saved, because your lock has been removed from the topic and the topic was locked by (your user name here)". This could also lead to clearing topic content if you open topic properties from the Source view.
    • Topic selection dropdown now appears correctly in the Insert Link dialog opened in IE 11.
    • Insert Image dialog width adjusted to make sure the file manager fits into it
    • Instant file existence check now works correctly when uploading images via Insert Image dialog (previously, a file could've been uploaded first with an auto-renamed name and only then overwrite dialog was displayed).
    • Automatic Next / Previous navigation links pointing to non-published topics are now handled correctly when publishing.

    File Manager

    • Fixed the "Buffer cannot be null.Parameter name: buffer" error which occurs when trying to move or copy a folder.
    • File upload no longer erroneously reports that the file already exists when uploading new files and having a custom 404 page configured for broken URLs in branding settings.
    • Fixed valid anchor links not working properly in PDF.


    • Fixed Forgot Password links expiring too soon in some situations.


    • Fixed issue with new script file not being created correctly from Reader Interface settings when there are other script files in your portal.
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