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ClickHelp Amber Maintenance Update: May 2024 Release Notes

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This update will begin gradually rolling out on May 27th.

New Features

  • AnswerGenius is now in open beta and is available to everyone.
  • AnswerGenius now supports restricted documentation to include in its answers. Configurable.
  • AnswerGenius can now be shown to everyone or logged in users only.
  • We changed the default pasting mode in the editor for content copied from outside ClickHelp to apply powerful style and tag cleanup. The option to paste “as is” remains untouched. Additionally, copying content from our editor to our editor behaves as before.
  • Introduced special support for importing from MadCap Flare.
  • We now support importing from GitBook.
  • Added numerous new settings to allow customization of password complexity requirements, available as part of the Enterprise Security module.
  • Enhanced usability of the Change Password dialog.
  • When exporting to PDF, the table header now repeats on the next page if the table spans more than one page.
  • Added support for certain types of proxies/redirects in IP Allowlist.
  • The Projects page now loads faster, especially in certain scenarios.
  • WriteAssist is now easier to find for first-time users thanks to a guided UI tour.
  • Home page editor fixes and enhancements.
  • Significantly sped up locking, unlocking, and saving of large topics.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Other performance and stability improvements.

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