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What Is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is a could-based service or product. Users do not download and install software on their computers, they access it via the Internet on a subscription basis. It is an alternative to traditional on-premise software. SaaS offers customers several payment plans with different sets of features included. It means you pay only for what you are going to use and the features that meet your needs, or you pay for the amount of information you are going to store. That matters as well. As a rule, two payment plans are available: monthly and annual.

A SaaS company is a company that maintains servers and databases to make its product available to users over the Internet. Products run directly through a web browser. SaaS companies have the following characteristics:

  • Focus on users’ needs
  • Pay attention to details
  • Create highly-customizable products

The most common scenario of SaaS use is the following: you need to log into your account (do not forget your login credentials) from a web browser, and that’s it. A scenario like that is often called cloud computing. It means that you can use a SaaS product or service from any computer or laptop and anytime. Some products even have a mobile version.

SaaS products are used for a wide range of business needs: CRM (customer relationship management), data storage and sharing, project management, sales management, accounting, employee communication, human resource management, marketing, etc.

SaaS services provide a great customer experience, accessibility, scalability, data protection, higher speed, and lower costs. They can meet the needs of all types of businesses and companies and provide huge value to customers. That is why the SaaS model has been adopted all over the world. It works and gives amazing results solving the problems that customers face every day.

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