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What Is Technical Description?

A Technical Description is a document that is created for readers; it gives information about a product, mechanism, process; it describes how it works, what it consists of, what functions it has, parts, size, components, key details, etc.

A Technical Description may contain only several lines and be a part of a larger document, or it may contain several pages and be a separate document.

There are three main types of Technical Descriptions:

  • Product description
  • Process description
  • Mechanism description

Here is a general plan for writing a Technical Description:

  1. Definition. Name the object described.
  2. Overview. Describe what it looks like (size, shape, color, etc.)
  3. Components. What does it consist of? – Parts, details, etc.
  4. Explanation. How does the object work and fulfill its functions?
  5. Conclusion. A brief summary.
  6. References. Additional materials and background information.

This plan may differ from company to company, depending on the object, audience, industry, final result, etc.

The purpose of writing a Technical description is to help the audience better understand a particular object. The document should be clear, comprehensive, and efficient.

Please note that a technical description is not an instruction, it doesn’t help users complete tasks or solve problems. Its purpose is to give the audience comprehensive and clear information.

Here are the steps to write a Technical Description:

  • Define the audience. It is your end-user with specific problems.
  • Define the result. Make it clear why you write your technical description.
  • Create a plan. You can use the above-mentioned plan or modify it.
  • Write content. This step includes collecting relevant information as well.
  • Proofread. You can ask an expert or an SME to proofread your document.
  • Edit. This step depends on the proofreading and how many comments you get from reviewers.
  • Publish. You can either print your docs or publish them online.
  • Update your document regularly. As products change regularly, one should update technical descriptions as well.

Read our post, Writing a Technical Description: Best Practices, for more information.

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