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ClickHelp Software Documentation Glossary

What is Training Documentation?

Training documentation is a type of technical documentation used to provide instructions and manuals for product users. In other words, it is specifically organized documents, the main goal of which is to provide basic skills and experience of using any product or functionality.

As we live in a world of widespread high technologies, it is necessary for people to get prepared (at least basically) for the usage of any devices, programs, and software. For that purpose, training documentation is used, as it is responsible for creating detailed instructions for any digital and non-digital product.

The Main Purpose of Training Documentation

As it was said, training documentation is considered an area of technical documentation aimed at providing basic knowledge and understanding of any product. Through that, the main result of this type of documentation gains its practical use in training manuals . Training manuals are performed as books of different sizes to get acquainted with the subject and basic information.

The Peculiarities of Training Documentation

Creating manuals leads to the necessity of a special way of narration. Two main features of training documentation are:

  • A specific structure is connected with the training documentation being a part of technical documentation, so it obeys particular standards of writing and information providing (for example, going from easier tasks and theory to more difficult).
  • A specific way of writing implies that people reading manuals meet with the subject for the first time, obtain a small amount of knowledge or face problems while working with it. It is preferred for technical documentation of any kind to be written in a rather plain language, avoiding complicated lexis when it is unnecessary.

Training Documentation Benefits

Usage of training manuals is almost ubiquitous among the businesses of any area as they provide several advantages.

  • This kind of documentation allows users to become more familiar with the product, so the process of cooperation with it gets faster.
  • As the manuals are written in a specific way that is friendly to the people.
  • Those who do not understand the subject or understand it superficially help attract new customers from the people who wanted to get into the particular field but were afraid of its complexity.
  • Training documentation, besides the ability of introduction, may be used as a tool of further maintenance of customer’s skills, as a person has an opportunity to refer to the instruction and refresh their knowledge. Moreover, manuals may serve as a basis for further education, and additional information may be built around it.
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