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What Is UI Design?

UI Design can be described as the process of creating the user interface of the software, program, or any device. This process implies the creation of graphics and some interface parts that are in direct interaction with the user while the digital product is working.

It is worth mentioning that the user interface is connected with the visual part and any physical impact from the user’s side. For example, a voice-controlled interface also refers to the UI.

User interface design is the area of particular specialists, UI designers who create the visual part. UI Design is one of the most important parts of any product, and great amounts of time and resources are spent on its development.

What Is the Purpose of UI Design?

The UI design is extremely important for the product’s life path as it is responsible for the ‘skin.’ Interface directly implies what the user has to work with. Hardly any user of an application dives into its code (simply because they don’t have authority and access to the app’s inner part), but everybody is interacting with all the buttons, links, pictures, and text that we can find.

Without UI, those working with any app would have to deal with plain pages of code or something so unattractive that they would leave it and never return.

What Is the Difference Between UX and UI?

People who are not connected with the sphere of information technology may be confused while facing UI and UX, as they will hardly understand the difference.

And what is the difference?

First of all, the level of interaction. Both user interface and user experience (UX) are devoted to the relations between the user and the product, but their nature is different. As we said, the user interface talks about the outlook of the product; it is connected mainly with the user’s visual perception. User experience, on the other hand, is connected with the user’s actions. It implies that any person who only downloaded the app would immediately be able to work with it and understand the functionality of all the buttons, links, and other parts of the interface.

Through that, we have a second point, is that UX is the sphere of other groups of specialists, UX designers, who help the product developers to create a proper interface that would be understandable for the people who are about to work with it.

Despite these two great differences, it needs to be remembered that the process of working with an interface implies the equal participation of both teams and cooperation of their working results.

How to Make a Good User Interface?

Indeed, the visual part plays the most important role in the process of people’s perception, so the creation of a good UI can surely raise the product’s attractiveness. Here are some points that every UI designer should remember:

  • You should know why the users would like to work with the app, so this will allow you to draw attention to some specific features and help to avoid unnecessary work.
  • It would be good if the app interface would predict the user’s steps and give them tips and help they may need.
  • Don’t make the interface too huge and heavy so that it would not be repellent for them.
  • Don’t make the design too simple and plain. The previous tip doesn’t mean that you have to forget about creativity, so some graphic elements may help attract people to the product.
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