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What is Web Design?

Web design is a bunch of web development responsible for creating app interfaces. In more complicated words, it is a separate part of digital developments and the design itself that makes user interfaces of sites and web applications projects.

What is the Importance of Web Design?

As one of the essential parts of any digital product except functionality, the interface is this very thing that catches the user’s attention. This means that the customer’s satisfaction seriously depends on the outer part of the product. So, creating a proper interface is crucial for a business’s prosperity. And here, the web design helps.

Who is Responsible for the Web Interface?

It is necessary to mention that web design is a sphere that requires special qualifications and skills; that’s why there are always particular people in the project team. They are called web designers or UX designers (User experience designers) . They instruct software developers in building a digital product interface that would be convenient for the end-user.

This leads to the necessity for web designers to obtain both technical and artificial skills as their work requires a combination of these two areas.

Main Functions of Web Design

So, it is evident that web design serves for several main issues:

  • It is used to project the logical structure of a web page.
  • It is responsible for the ways of providing information that is most convenient for the end-users.
  • It works on the artificial framework and sight of the product.

Types of Designing

While working with a project team, web designers have several options:

  • Building a unique design that considers creating a model from scratch. This method is more complicated and requires more money, but the designer has more freedom of imagination, and the entire product will be built around his project.
  • Building a design according to the specific requirements or adding new elements to the model has already been made. Along with that, a designer may edit some parts of the interface according to unique circumstances or
  • after receiving the project from another designer.

The detailed work in web design requires a significant amount of time and many sources of information from the sides of developers, product managers, QA teams, and business analysts.

The result of good web design is a simple and friendly interface and attractive looking, which leads to a product’s popularity among the end-users.

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