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ClickHelp Support Policy

This Support Policy details policies and procedures under which ClickHelp AM LLC (the “Company” going forward) provides support services for its products (“ClickHelp”) to its Customers and describes what support you can expect from us when using ClickHelp.

Available support resources

Helpdesk support Sign up for a free account here. Read more below.
Email support Contact 24/7.
Online documentation User Manual available here and Knowledge Base available here.
Infrastructure status page Server uptime and status updates here.
Maintenance notification subscription Subscribe on the status page.
Phone support Not available.
Live chat Not available.

Support hours and SLA

Customers may submit, view, and manage support requests in the Technical Support Center 24/7.

We process all incoming queries 24/5 for standard and 24/7 for critical scenarios.

The Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to the Customer’s inquiry within the response times below:

ClickHelp Pricing Plan First Response Time SLA
Professional 24 hours
Growth 36 hours
Starter 48 hours

The SLA times listed above are the time frames in which you can expect the first response and are not to be considered as either an expected time-to-resolution or a time to receive consequent responses in a case.

Communication types

All Customers can access our ticket-based support system by signing up for a free account in our Technical Support Center to submit, view, and manage technical support requests.

Alternatively, Customers may submit new cases by sending emails to They can later create an account in the Technical Support Center with the same sender email and gain access to the previously created cases.

When using the Technical Support Center, it is possible to share cases with other people or even set up company-wide access so that selected persons can see all communication happening in support cases and participate in it. You can contact Technical Support if you want company access set up.

Incoming query types

When submitting a case, a Customer may indicate — by explicitly stating it — that they’re submitting an issue report or an enhancement request. The support engineer may also categorize the incoming query as an issue report or an enhancement request in accordance with internal standard operating procedures.

Issue reports

The Company will make its best effort to resolve any issues to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the Support Team will help with workarounds whenever possible and log issues into the internal issue-tracking system.

The Support Team will use commercially reasonable efforts to reproduce the issue. To help them troubleshoot and assist with any issues, the Customer shall provide as much detailed information as possible.

In most cases, Customers can expect the following timeline on the resolution of issues they have reported:

  • Critical issues will generally be fixed in the next maintenance release.
  • Non-critical issues will be scheduled according to a variety of considerations.

Improvement requests

Suggestions may relate to the addition of features or the improvement of the existing ClickHelp functionality. The Company will consider these requests and assess them based on multiple criteria. However, the Support Team cannot guarantee that every enhancement request will be implemented and often cannot provide ETAs for implementation — it’s up to the Dev and Product teams to review those requests when they are working on a new release planning.

Portal configuration change requests

All queries that concern particular changes to the portal configuration, like changing the portal name or transferring administrator permissions from one user to another, must come from the portal administrator’s email.

Limitations and exclusions

In the scope of the Technical Support services, the Support Team does not provide or offer:

  • Any services from the Paid services list below.
  • Development and implementation consulting.
  • Support in languages other than English.
  • On-demand screen sharing sessions.
  • Phone and video calls.

The Company is not responsible for:

  • Problems arising out of changes and/or interference from third-party services and products.
  • Errors or defects that are not reproducible by the Support Team or that do not materially affect the operation of ClickHelp.
  • Customer’s equipment, software, network connections, or other infrastructure that is outside of the Company’s control.
  • General Internet problems, force majeure events, or other factors outside of the Company’s reasonable control.

Paid services

Below is a list of paid services offered by the Company which are outside of the Technical Support service scope:

  • Branding Services, including content styling. The technical support scope is limited to occasional content styling questions or individual branding questions. Support Team can only provide small typical examples that take commercially reasonable time to develop. Complex branding assistance is not provided in the scope of Technical Support.
  • Product Training. Support Team may offer a piece of advice in the question-answer format for some individual queries, but the structured training is not provided in the scope of Technical Support.
  • Content migration and cleanup. Support Team may offer a piece of advice in the question-answer format for some individual queries or provide small typical examples that take commercially reasonable time to develop.

Calls and screen sharing sessions

Support Team does not offer calls and screen sharing sessions on demand.

The support engineer may suggest a call to improve the progress of a ticket. You may also request a call if you feel one is needed. Either way, the decision to conduct a call always rests with the support engineer, who will determine whether a call is necessary and whether we have sufficient information for a successful call.

Once the engineer decides to schedule a call, they will:

  1. Send you a link to our scheduling platform through your ticket or, in case of emergency, a direct link to start the call.
  2. If necessary, an engineer will update you through the ticket with an agenda, the purpose of the call, and a list of actions you must take to prepare for the call.

Please note:

  • The tech support screen sharing session is limited to 30 minutes.
  • The call will end as soon as the stated purpose has been achieved or the time limit has been reached, whichever occurs first.

Support case resolution

When a Customer believes that their query has been addressed, they can manually mark the case as resolved — i.e., close it — through the Technical Support Center on the case screen. Alternatively, if the conversation is happening over email, the Customer can notify the support engineer that the matter has been settled, and the engineer will close the ticket.

At any time throughout the communication, the engineer may mark the case as resolved if they consider the query addressed while notifying the Customer about this decision. If the Customer has any additional questions for the same query or considers the matter unresolved, they may reply to the same thread, and the case will be automatically reopened.

If a Customer does not respond to an open ticket that has been pending on their side for 10 days, the ticket will be automatically closed.

Changes to support policy

The Company may, at its discretion, change this Support Policy at any time based on standard market practices and the development of the product.