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What is API Documentation Tool

API documentation tool is special software or program used for API documentation. Such a tool takes part in creating instructions connected with the usage and integration of the API to better the effectiveness of such operations.

Usage of API documentation tools is vital in the digital world as API itself is responsible for some ‘communication’ between the applications.

Key Areas of API Documentation Tool

Areas of application of these tools are countless as they are used in any sphere of digital community that consists of API integration. For example, when you send a message of any kind through social media or look through the weather on your iPhone, the API works here. Through that occurs a necessity of creating documentation for it to make the processes more effective.

The API documentation provides some tutorials and instructions that must be considered to use API properly. And to create documentation, we need documentation tools.

So, the small conclusion that can be made is that API documentation tools are needed in any sphere of our everyday interaction with digital devices and applications.

Benefits of Using API Documentation Tools

It is evident that, as with any other tool, the API tool contributes to creating API documentation by making it easier and allowing to avoid mistakes while the working process.

Usage of API documentation tools saves time, as it sometimes can provide templates and examples. Time-saving is one of the things all businesses are looking for nowadays, so they are likely to integrate these instruments into their working processes.

The effectiveness of API documentation also increases thanks to documentation tools, as technical writers responsible for writing this sort of documentation make fewer mistakes and release their colleagues from the necessity of self-research and fixing the problem.

Examples of API Documentation Tools

When we use the word tool in such a context, we mean some program or software. Here are the most popular and well-working API documentation tools:

  • Swagger UI. A very popular tool that operates due to the following principle: a user inputs an OAS document into the system, and Swagger changes it by using HTML, JavaScript, or CSS to make it better in looking.
  • ReDoc. The special free and open documentation tool has one huge benefit: it allows the publication of API documentation online, which is interactive.
  • OpenAPI Generator. A tool that generates documentation is needed by providing various generators (about 50)—an excellent option for beginners.
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