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Anastasia in Technical Writing on 5/26/20131 min read

Panama hat - not HAT

When most people hear the word hat, they think about headwear beret, bowler hat, panama or the famous Russian ushanka. But for some its not a headwear its an abbreviation. These people are technical writers and this abbreviation is help authoring tool.

Help Authoring Tool

HAT is a program or a service that allows technical writer to generate online help system.

Working with HAT, a technical writer creates Help using import from files, or using an editor to create help topics. Formats vary from traditional html to compiled formats. Specialists get a compiled or noncompiled file from help authoring tool. Latest technologies and tools allow creating documentation in online form, which can be accessed using any web browser.

ClickHelp and others

Our Online Technical Writing & Help Authoring Tool has its own advantages see the Features list. And whats about other HATs? You can meet them in articles ClickHelp. Analogs Part 1 and Part 2.

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