Black Friday for Technical Writers

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The Black Friday sale is upon us. And, this is the perfect time to buy New Year presents for your technical writing friends! Or, just any presents really - tech writers have birthdays every year as well :)

We gathered some gift ideas for you in this article, let's start:

  • An Extended Mouse Pad

Some think that extended mouse pads are only useful for gamers and web designers. But they are quite handy and convenient for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in front of a computer. Also, you can make a tech writer happy by presenting them with a mouse pad that works as a mouse charger!

  • Laptop Stickers

Creating user manuals is a serious process that requires a lot of concentration. Laptop stickers can add a little fun to that. A lot of things on a tech writer's workspace can be bedazzled - the laptop, the table, the PC, the keyboard. You can find really awesome stickers that will match the person's interests.

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  • A Book

An excellent present for anyone, really. But for a writer receiving a book as a gift is something more. We have been talking here quite a lot recently about why technical writers should feel like they are no less 'real' writers than novelists, for example. What kind of book can it be? Depends on personal preferences, of course. If you decide to buy a non-fiction book, here's an article with great books for tech writers.

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a real treat for tech comm specialists working in the office. Open space has its own advantages, undoubtedly so, but to be able to focus for extended periods with people talking all around you is a struggle. Headphones with noise canceling (that works well) can be a little expensive, so prepare for that.

  • A Kindle Subscription

A Kindle is a great present that can be found often on various 'presents-for-geeks' lists. So, for a couple of years, people were exchanging Kindles and now you still have the option of presenting somebody with a new model, maybe. But that seems like unnecessary consumerism. A Kindle subscription, on the other hand, sounds great. And, an endless Kindle subscription sounds even better!

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  • Tea

A bag of tasty green or black tea is a superb gift, especially in this cold season. Coffee junkies will have a healthier alternative, and, well, there are so many teas and flavors that anyone can find something to their taste!


I know that not everyone is willing to participate in the Black Friday madness, and that is OK. In a sense, it is always a Black Friday in a doc team when a project release is near - at least the levels of stress, noise, and mess are approximately the same!

But, anyway, what are you planning on buying for fellow tech writers? What's the best gift you yourself received? Feel free to share this in the comments section below to inspire others!

Good luck with your technical writing!
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