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Free Trials of Documentation Tools

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Anastasia in Technical Writing on 6/5/20132 min read

ClickHelp - Free Trial Server

Many HAT vendors have free versions of their documentation tools or servises. And ClickHelp isn't an exception you can try our tool absolutely free for 30 days: get ClickHelp Free Trial.

Let's see what other documentation tools are available for a free trial...


Free Trial Server:
ClickHelp - Free Trial Server


30-Day Free Trial:
Author-it - 30-Day Free Trial


Free Trial:
Doc-To-Help - Free Trial


Try ePublisher:
Try ePublisher


Fully functional 30-day evaluation of HelpConsole:
HelpConsole - 30-day evaluation


Request a trial version:
HelpServer - request a trial version

MadCap Flare

Free Fully-functional 30-day Trial:
MadCap Flare - Fully-functional 30-day Trial

Adobe RoboHelp

This product has 2 ways to conduct a free trial:
Adobe RoboHelp - free trial

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