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Frequently Asked Questions About ClickHelp

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin ClickHelp Features on 10/11/2019 — 2 minute read

Frequently Asked Questions About ClickHelp – image 1 | ClickHelp Blog

ClickHelp has grown a lot for the past few years in terms of clients and feature-wise. If you think about it, these two facts are connected.

Listening to our clients and fine-tuning our development road map based on the feedback is how we prefer to move forward. Although ClickHelp is a pretty straightforward help authoring tool with an intuitive UI, it can be really hard to cover all its functionality in one go. So, today, we will give you a kind of an impromptu FAQ session that, hopefully, will answer some of the questions you have about our software documentation tool for technical writers.

Being a browser-based app, is ClickHelp fast enough (especially when it comes to working with big projects)?

Absolutely. We are talking from experience of working with clients whose topic count reaches tens of thousands. They have been successfully using our tool without any lags.

How much storage space does ClickHelp provide?

All plans that ClickHelp offers include 10Gb of file storage for screenshots. This is a very solid starting point for a project of any size. An average PNG image would be about 50Kb, which leaves us with an impressive number of images you will be able to keep in our 10Gb storage. Anyway, ClickHelp plans are very flexible and you can simply add 100Gb on top, should you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About ClickHelp – image 1 | ClickHelp Blog

What can ClickHelp offer to big companies?

ClickHelp has plans for companies of any size. If you are looking for an enterprise-grade solution, check out our Business Plan. It works for large doc projects perfectly, since you get the unlimited number of help topics and reviewers. Other things we can offer for big companies include, but not limited to, a high level of security, SSO, creating users automatically through an API, flexible user roles, a lot of branding options, custom workflows, reporting, etc.

Can I try ClickHelp for free?

Yes. You can get a free ClickHelp trial and enjoy its unlimited functionality for 30 days.

What kinds of reports can I get in ClickHelp?

ClickHelp provides reporting for all levels: portal, project, and topic. With dozens of reports available and advanced filters on top of that, you get a powerful analytical tool that helps you track project readiness, measure content quality and readability, and analyze user behavior.

Does ClickHelp support CHM?

Yes. In fact, you can import an existing user manual in the CHM format to your ClickHelp documentation portal. Your documentation can be exported as a CHM file as well.

How secure is ClickHelp?

ClickHelp works only with leading hosting companies that proved they are reliable through passing security certification like DIN ISO/IEC 27001. You get to choose where your data will be stored and will be able to monitor the ClickHelp server status.

We have an automatic back-up system that stores 5 most recent backups of your entire documentation portal. The backups are encrypted for better reliability.

Another security layer is the SSO support. The OpenID Connect technology allows using your corporate SSO for authentication. Or, you can choose to stick with Microsoft Azure AD, Salesforce and Google SSO options.

Is there a Reviewer role in ClickHelp?

Yes. There’s a special user role in ClickHelp for reviewers. Users of this type even have their own UI that is focused on review functionality. Additionally, you can set up a custom review process with features like ToDo lists, customizable email notifications, Review comments.

What single-sourcing options does ClickHelp offer?

In ClickHelp, you can easily single-source your user manuals using variables, conditional blocks, a conditional TOC, content snippets and output tags. Creating different versions of the same user manual and efficiently reusing content is entirely possible in ClickHelp. Learn more here .

Do you have anymore things you would like to know about our software for technical writers? Just leave us a comment here and we will be happy to answer!

Good luck with your technical writing!
ClickHelp Team
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