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Green Jobs – a Blooming Niche for Technology Writers

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin Technical Writing on 12/17/2019 — 2 minute read

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We like to say on this blog that technical writers are needed in many professional areas, and it’s a hundred percent true, but if you want to hit the jackpot, you will require a certain hunch for jobs. Or, you can keep reading, and we might give you some great ideas.

There are professional fields that are developing rapidly and, therefore, they are hiring like there’s no tomorrow. Today, we will get you acquainted with one of such blooming areas – and ‘blooming’ is not an exaggeration in this case. We will talk about green jobs.

Why Having a Green Job is Great

Working for green companies feels right as caring about the future of our planet is now extremely important. Luckily, technical writers have a lot to do in this area. A big chunk of this niche is connected with renewable/alternative energy. This is a huge sector with many sub-areas to choose from. Let’s enumerate some of them: solar energy, tidal power, geothermal, hydropower, biogas, etc. Sounds like a lot of options.

All these areas are looking to employ more technical communicators. Majoring in science or engineering would be a nice advantage when applying for such a job.

Why is being employed in the green sector such a good idea? Because there’s a certain demand coming from society to dig deeper into more eco-friendly ways of getting energy, and the market is echoing this demand with investments. This leads to new technologies and inventions, hence the need for technical communication.

renewable wind and solar energy

Future of Green Technical Writing

Renewable energy technologies are evolving at a quick pace – they have to become cheaper and more efficient to compete, and some part of making them more efficient lies within the scope of technical writing.

Just listen to these numbers: according to Wikipedia, at least 30 nations worldwide have more than 20% of overall energy supply contributed by renewable resources. About 50 nations have over 50% of the electricity delivered through renewable energy. And, these numbers will grow because deploying these technologies lead to climate change mitigation, economic benefits, and more energy security. A win-win.

Here are some more promising eco-friendly job ideas: clean cars. This is a rapidly developing sector of possible employment for techcomm specialists. A lot of things require documenting there.

Recycling – this sector is developing worldwide, well because it has to as humanity almost reached the point of no return with littering the Earth. Composting systems, recycling facilities, water filtration systems, and products – these are some of the most prominent green sectors. Also, you may consider something more exotic like food production in city gardens!

electric cars only sign


Good technical writing skills can take you anywhere from rocket science to medical writing. And, they can allow you to make a change in this world. Your choice to work for a company that tries to make this planet a better place will speak for itself!

ClickHelp as a company strongly believes that technical writers can contribute a lot to positive changes as technical communication is one of the driving forces that will make the shift in human consciousness possible and direct us to healthier, cleaner and more eco-friendly ways of living.

Good luck with your technical writing!
ClickHelp Team
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