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Nowadays technical writing careers, also known as technical communications, are one of the most popular jobs. They’re on the 85th place in the top 100 of the best jobs according to U.S.News. However, people are afraid to start their career in technical writing because the most widespread myth is that technical writers are underpaid. This is not true — the total pay of a technical writer varies from $31,828 to $88,454. If you want to earn much more you should move to such states as California ($86,530), Massachusetts ($84,580) and others. Speaking of the cities, the best paying ones are San Jose ($104,780), Norwich ($97,320), Lowell ($95, 140) and other metropolitan areas. However, of course, your experience influences your salary. For example, a technical writer with 5-10 years of experience can expect to earn about $63,000 on average.

As you know, every technical writer chooses a specific industry where he or she wants to self-develop. So, the top paying industries are civic and social organisations, electric power industry (including generation, transmission, and distribution), programming, advertising and public relations, and the federal executive branch. Of course, technical writing may seem difficult because it deals with technical things but your job satisfaction will be above average. To sum up the information about technical writing careers, here is our labor statistics that show all benefits of technical writing clearly.

Technical Writer Labour Statistics

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