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Top 10 Technical Writing Blogs

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin Technical Writing on 4/21/2013 — 1 minute read

Digital Inspiration - blog

All technical writers, beginners and the experienced ones, are often looking for useful information on technical writing websites and, especially, on blogs. Corporate and personal blogs give a lot of useful information. It’s news, methods of providing information, examples from their own experience, advice on specific tasks, or overviews of top online help authoring tools.

Different researches show that people are more inclined to trust the experts in their professional field than the peers. That’s why, blogs of popular tech communicators gain so much attention. As a rule, the authors of such blogs are highly experienced pros with a number successful publications and books. They have expertise and brilliant careers. You would rather ask them how to shape your technical writer career path, than just a random tech writer.

But, how do you know which technical writing blogs are the best ones in the area? Which ones are worthwhile to read, and whether you can trust the information presented?

You are not the first one struggling with those questions. There are mechanisms calculating blog ranks in various ways, using various parameters. One of the interesting complex ranking mechanisms is BlogRank. It uses more than 20 factors to rank the blogs, such as:

  • RSS membership;
  • unique monthly visitors;
  • Google PR;
  • Google indexed pages;
  • number of incoming links (via Bing);
  • Compete, Alexa, and Technorati ranking.

and others.

Based on their unique formula combining the factors, BlogRank is presenting top blogs in a specific area to help people find some good reading. Here is the list of Top 10 technical writing blogs as it exists today (the rank is updated daily):

  1. Digital Inspiration
  2. Techie Buzz
  4. More Tech Tips
  5. HellBound Bloggers
  6. Ravikanth Chaganti
  7. TechSutra
  8. just write click
  10. I’d Rather Be Writing – Tom Johnson

Also, here is a comparison table with detailed data about those 10 blogs:

Top 10 Technical Writing Blogs

A complete ranking list for the Technical Writing category, as well as rankings by specific factors, can be found here: Blog-Rank – Top 25 blogs in Technical Writing Category.

ClickHelp Team

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