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Building Digital Trust with ClickHelp

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin ClickHelp Features on 12/11/2018 — 2 minute read

Laptop shows that your data is safe

For ClickHelp, building strong relationships with clients is a matter of key importance. Trust is the foundation we have always been working towards as a company. Our users rely on us while we make sure that their data is safe. But trust is more than just data security. In this post, we would like to show you what steps we take so that our customers could concentrate on their work while the rest is taken care of.

Why Digital Trust is Important

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As a company, we not only provide services for technical writers, but also use some third-party services ourselves. So, we know both sides of the story. No one wants to do business with a shady company. But how do you gain trust to start with? For us, the answer is simple – treat your customers the way you would like to be treated.
More and more businesses begin to understand the power of customer loyalty, and the effect it has on a company’s prosperity. Trust is often called a business enabler.
As we said before, it is not only data security but a whole spectrum of things a company does. And, we think that special attention should be placed on the channels of communication with clients.

When you can Trust a Company


One of the first concerns of any prospect would be customer support. And, we are proud to say that we are doing a great job here – with the typical SLA of 24 hours, around 90% of all user queries get responded within two hours. But, this is not the only way you can leave feedback. The more communication channels a company provides, the more enjoyable a user journey becomes. So, we make sure to look through comments on our website, on review platforms and on social media.

Looking through feedback is step one, step two is taking a feedback-driven action. Another way to build trust is to make sure you see the future of your product the same way your clients do. If you go through ClickHelp release notes, you may notice that we are constantly adding new features based on communication with clients. We don’t go to technical writing conferences as salespeople, we are more interested in understanding what would make the lives of technical writers better.

As creators of a technical writing tool we know how much can be achieved in terms of customer loyalty through high-quality technical documentation. People used to be quite prejudiced towards technical documentation. It was seen as something difficult to read and understand. Now, since UX is becoming the driving force, user manuals are evolving, too. So, ideally, technical documentation should become the first resort for your clients, a place where they can get the answers in a convenient form. Badly written user guides can shatter your clients’ trust. If you are so careless with documentation, who can guarantee that other parts of the work are not just as sloppy?

Digital security. So much has been written on this topic since the Internet became the omnipresent thing it is. The ClickHelp team made it a priority to guarantee data security for the clients. We chose the safest hosting facilities. They are located in the USA, Germany, and Australia. The buildings are secured with surveillance cameras, early warning fire alarm systems, access with electronic keys and more ways to keep your data safe.


We would like to believe that times when people started businesses for a cash grab are coming to an end. We see business as a form of reciprocity where everyone gets benefits. In order for this to work, building a trust-based relationship is very important.

Good luck with your technical writing!
ClickHelp Team
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