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Clickhelp and write the docs

If you compare the number of yearly conferences for developers, customer service, or general IT with the number of events for technical writers, you may feel that we are undeservedly deprived. The number of such events will hardly reach a couple of dozens! That is why every conference that gathers professionals from the technical communication world is not just an event, but an Event, a precious experience that is worth visiting.

Write the Docs Conferences are the most popular events among people who care about documentation. They are not only for tech writers, but for developer advocates, marketers, customer support, etc.

We are proud to announce that ClickHelp is a sponsor of the Write the Docs conference held in Prague this September. We will have two of our ambassadors at the conference ready to talk and answer any questions, listen to what the current trends are, hear our customers and the industry experts.


Sponsors of the Write the Docs Conference

The conference will be held in Prague, the Czech Republic on September 9-11. The content is oriented on experienced Tech Writers as well as on other team members who also have to create docs and strive to master the writing skills: support stuff, programmers, designers, etc. The program includes two large parts: the fantastic Writing Day event and the Main Conference rich with juicy and fleshy lectures. Besides, all attendees will be invited to a boat ride on the Vltava river to meet the hosting city.

Our ambassadors will visit all scheduled events! We're excited to have this opportunity to meet our old friends and make new ones! Join us in Prague and let's have some fun together! :)

Good Luck with your technical writing!
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