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How SaaS will Save Your Future

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin Technology on 3/27/2020 — 2 minute read

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Companies all over the globe are sending employees to work from home. Even when this wasn’t an option before. This is an unexpected turn of events for many businesses. But, also, we are now more prepared for remote working than ever before, thanks to SaaS.

SaaS means ‘software-as-a-service’. So, clients don’t need to install anything on their machines. All they really need is an Internet connection and a browser. Let’s talk about the cloud technology a bit and see how you can improve this difficult situation using SaaS solutions as a technical writer.

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Have to Move Documentation Development to SaaS? Great!

Working from home will be a piece of cake for any help writer if they are using SaaS help authoring tools to create user manuals. You see, cloud services are not the last resort. They are not something we now have to use for the lack of a better option. On the contrary, they actually have many advantages compared to offline software.

If you are moving your technical writing workflow to cloud services ASAP, rest assured that you might end up in a far better place after this transition. This is why SaaS solutions for tech writers are great:

  • Less resources required. This includes hardware and people responsible for its maintenance. Not using cloud services can turn out to be pretty costly.
  • No need to update. Updates happen automatically with SaaS help authoring tools. Again, less headache for your IT team.
  • Mobility. You take SaaS products anywhere with you even just by carrying your mobile phone around.
  • Security. As a SaaS vendor, the ClickHelp team sets the highest priority to client data security. We can’t speak for everyone, but with us your data stored on our servers is safe. Read more here.
  • Speed. As everything is happening on vendor servers, you don’t need to worry that some software is slow on your machine due to poor hardware. Unless, of course, you want to store data on your own servers.
  • Quick deployment. As a rule, SaaS solutions are deployed within minutes. No heavy lifting is required from your side. For ClickHelp clients, deployment of the whole Online Documentation Portal takes a couple of clicks!
  • Collaboration. Online collaboration allows people from different locations to work together swiftly. Good SaaS solutions for help authoring are aimed to provide a smooth collaboration experience: help topics are locked automatically, there are topic statuses, topics get assigned to team members, version history can help track changes.

I bet people who have been using cloud services for a while now can pinpoint more benefits. The bottom line is – SaaS solutions can be just the upturn you were looking for.

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Understandably so, if your documentation team never had a real experience of working from home for long periods of time, this can be stressful. However, picking the right tool is crucial. The cloud-based solution we provide at ClickHelp might be the right one for you as you will get much more benefits than just the general stuff we mentioned above. But most importantly for the situation a lot of documentation teams found themselves in – with ClickHelp you will get a really flexible tool allowing you to use your own workflows (and enhance them even) in a new better environment.

Good luck with your technical writing!
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