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ClickHelp for Startups: Unleash Your Full Potential

Posted by ElmiraElmirain ClickHelp News on 11/29/2023 — 4 minute read

clickhelp program for startups

Today, we’re excited to launch the new ClickHelp for Startups Program! In this blog, you’ll discover all the details about this initiative, aimed at providing comprehensive support for startups. Learn how ClickHelp can empower your startup journey with top-notch documentation and invaluable resources.

Do Startups Need Documentation?

At the beginning of almost every startup, documentation is rarely at the top of your priority list. Most of the time, your head is spinning from working on features. The cycle of coding, testing, and bug fixing seems never-ending; your team struggles to meet your own deadlines, and sometimes your investor’s milestones loom over you, adding to the tension. Sometimes, you feel that the whole operation is held together by the power of pure will and a few bits of duct tape.

At that stage, proper documentation seems a luxury you can ignore for a while. After all, you have those Google Docs to store all the specifications, references, and the rest – you even sorted them into folders by category! Looks professional (if you squint).

Quick emails solve enough support questions from the users for now (working after hours searching through the cases is perfectly normal at the beginning, right?).

And, of course, you can always resort to Google Docs once again if you need to write a how-to for your audience. You can even make it into a blog post, so they will definitely see it! (It’s okay, you’re used to squinting at this point).

But sooner or later, the lack of clear communication – by means of useful documentation – comes back and bites hard. Support is flooded with all the same questions. The potential user base fades away, discouraged more by the poor in-product guidance and long response time than buggy features. The team drowns in the chaotic sea of scattered docs with lengthy email threads weighing them down.

Is there a way to escape such a fate? Collect your knowledge in a single place so that support engineers don’t waste hours wading through disorganized Google Docs? Have the user manual up and running online for the users to find answers themselves? Don’t make developers wonder if the documentation they read is up to date? Of course.

We’re thrilled to announce our program supporting startups in creating stellar documentation! ClickHelp, an intuitive and powerful authoring tool, is a documentation lifesaver that will help you breathe easily.

How Is ClickHelp Useful For Startups?

Forget wasting your time piecing together homemade wikis or looking for a way to conveniently host online that knowledge base you have in Google Docs. Write directly in ClickHelp — you won’t need much time to adapt since the editor looks quite similar. Plus, you can push the most recent versions of your docs live in just a couple of clicks.

While ClickHelp is a professional solution, it’s easy to use, and it shines in offering a handful of startup-friendly features. Branding your portal, access controls for gated content, or rapid documentation updates tend to be more relevant to a young team than dynamic output, content reuse, or multichannel publishing.

And as your team grows, ClickHelp grows with you. We provide enterprise-grade scalability down the line.

ClickHelp For API-First Teams

We view documentation as an important and invaluable asset for any startup. And we know all too well that startups tend to realize the need for documentation too late, when the support becomes overwhelmed by users’ cries for help, or when the existence and accessibility of documentation become crucial for your reputation.

But if you’re an API-first developer, you come to that understanding faster since every API needs to be well-documented to be usable at all. It’s a good thing you can create, store, and maintain your API docs in ClickHelp, along with user guides, manuals, and the rest!

Regardless of your development focus, high-quality documentation shows that your product is ready for external investment, channel partnerships, enterprise deals, and more.

So don’t wait until it’s too late. Start benefiting from the utmost clarity that great docs immediately provide while influencing external perceptions at the same time.

Build that foundation with ClickHelp today.

Who Is Eligible for the ClickHelp for Startups Program?

Like any solid program, ClickHelp’s Startup Support package does come with a few requirements to qualify. We aim to provide maximum value to promising companies committed to building their documentation capabilities. As such, to join the program, we ask that startups:

  • Be established within five years, as we focus on early-stage operations.
  • Be privately held, not publicly traded on any stock exchange.
  • Have a website or existing public references on the Internet to verify their existence and activities.

And while not mandatory, a LinkedIn page enhances credibility and visibility during the application process.

These requirements are intentionally modest. In return for meeting these basics, you not only gain the opportunity to create a future-proof documentation system but also to learn and experience our platform, along with a few benefits around pricing, services, and more mentioned below.

What You Gain with the ClickHelp for Startups Program?

Having been a startup once, we understand that startups run lean. In our mission to nurture stronger documentation practices across the industry, we aim to meet founders where they are.

Specifically, we’re offering a 50% discount on our two most advanced plans — Growth and Professional — for 12 months. On top of reduced platform fees, our Startup Support Package bundles services like:

  • 10 hours of branding services for free. Personalize your documentation portal for a professional brand identity.
  • 5 hours of migration services for free. Effortlessly transition your documentation to ClickHelp.
  • A free interactive training session with our expert. Gain essential skills to optimize documentation and knowledge management.

When totaled together, the discounted multi-year subscription and free services account for up to $4,300 in immediate documentation support. This unmatched offer equips your team with enterprise-grade capabilities from day one while budgeting responsibly.

green plant growing from a pile of documentation

Ready to apply? Want to check if your startup meets our requirements? Unsure if ClickHelp aligns with your goals? Fill in the form:

Get 4,300 USD worth of benefits – join the ClickHelp for Startups program!

And if that’s not your case yet, follow ClickHelp on LinkedIn to stay on top of our news and future opportunities!

Happy writing!
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