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ClickHelp in Review: Navigating the Highlights of 2023

Posted by ElmiraElmirain ClickHelp News on 1/17/2024 — 3 minute read

2023 year in review

It’s still close enough to the end of last year to take a last look at 2023 and reflect on ClickHelp’s achievements.

ClickHelp had an exciting year, introducing a host of innovative features, including advancements in AI, designed to streamline your technical documentation endeavors efficiently. As we transition into the new year, let’s draw inspiration from our 2023 achievements and leverage them in our plans for 2024. Explore ClickHelp’s year-in-review to witness the enhancements we’ve made.

Commanding Presence: ClickHelp Takes Center Stage at MEGAComm 2023 and at STC

During the pivotal MEGAComm conference on February 22-23, 2023, renowned as a significant assembly for communication professionals, ClickHelp emerged as a captivating presenter sharing strategies for optimizing technical writing processes.

clickhelp and techtav at a conference 2023

For those unable to attend ClickHelp’s session, this article provides a sneak peek into the presentation, highlighting the company’s dedication to improving content creation experiences.

For 70 years, the Society for Technical Communication (STC) has steadfastly led the advancement of both the theory and practice of technical communication. As a part of the jubilant celebration, ClickHelp actively participated by conducting a webinar titled “Achieving Balance in a Documentation Tool: ClickHelp Fusion of Power and Simplicity.” for STC members.

stc conference attendees

Interviewing an Experienced Specialist – Mridula Menon from GreyOrange

Mridula Menon, a techcomm specialist, generously agreed to share her insights in an exclusive interview. With extensive experience using ClickHelp, Mridula discusses her journey from a software developer to a proficient technical writer, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the field and the collaborative power of tools like ClickHelp.

interview with mridula

We extend our sincere thanks to Mridula for providing us with the opportunity to delve into the professional journey of a tech communication specialist.

Sponsoring the Significant Techcomm Events

ClickHelp, a passionate supporter of advancing technical communication and knowledge sharing, proudly sponsored pivotal industry events. We offered wholehearted support to NORDIC TechKomm, took on the role of a proud sponsor for the Write the Docs Atlantic online conference—an influential event in the technical writing industry—and were honored to sponsor the Evolution of TC, the annual gathering for technical communicators emphasizing innovations in software documentation. Our enthusiasm stems from having contributed to and supported these remarkable events!

conferences clickhelp participated

Supporting Startups

ClickHelp proudly introduced the Program for Startups!

clickhelp program for startups

This initiative, detailed in the following blog post, is tailored to provide comprehensive support for startups, addressing unique needs with features like branding, access controls, and rapid documentation updates. Eligible startups can join the program, receiving a 50% discount on advanced plans, free branding and migration services, and an interactive training session.

Introducing Upgrades: New Features at ClickHelp Blossom and Amber Editions in 2023

ClickHelp’s commitment to innovation is evident in both Blossom and Amber Updates we had in 2023.

Embracing the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’ve seamlessly integrated AI-powered features into ClickHelp, revolutionizing the experience for our users. This infusion of AI capabilities elevates authoring and content management within ClickHelp.

blossom image

Responding to users’ requests, we’ve undergone significant product enhancements across various fronts, prioritizing ease of use and centralization. Noteworthy improvements include a redesigned interface, a home page editor, and auto-branding features, contributing to the efficiency, convenience, and enjoyment of your work with the documentation portal.

amber image

To truly appreciate the extraordinary features we’ve introduced, we invite you to sign up for a free trial and elevate your documentation to new heights with ClickHelp.

Earning Customer and Industry Recognition

G2 stands out as a premier platform for software reviews and ratings, containing over a million genuine reviews contributed by real users. The Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall G2 badges, earned through the valuable feedback of our users, have firmly established ClickHelp as the Leader among Help Authoring Tools. We extend a sincere thank you to our remarkable customers for their invaluable recommendations and unwavering support! Explore our verified customer reviews to learn more. We express our gratitude for your contributions to this outstanding recognition!

g2 badges 2023 leader


As we bid farewell to the accomplishments and milestones of 2023, ClickHelp stands at the threshold of a promising future, fueled by a year filled with innovation, engagement, and continuous improvement. Our journey has been marked by exciting releases, active participation in industry conferences, the honor of sponsorship, insightful interviews, and meaningful initiatives.

As we step into 2024, we carry the inspiration from our 2023 achievements, the support of our incredible users, and the momentum of innovation. To all our users, partners, and supporters, we express our gratitude for being a part of ClickHelp’s journey. Cheers to the future and the exciting possibilities it holds!

Good luck with your technical writing!
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