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ClickHelp News and Awards

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin ClickHelp News on 6/17/2021 — 3 minute read

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Hello everyone!

This is Vasilisa, the editor-in-chief of ClickHelp Technical Writing Blog. Nice to meet you, our dear readers! In fact, our editors were preparing another blog for today, but… I’d like to share some awesome news with you. The beginning of June was great for our editorial: we discovered that our Telegram channel hit 1,000 subscribers, and our newsletter subscription has exceeded 8,000. The fact that you find time to read our blog does us credit!

Everyone knows that technical writers are responsible and busy people constantly learning and improving their skills. They are not only thoughtful writers but critical readers as well. After all, it’s not just about the quality of technical documentation but about the success of the whole project. They also influence how end users apply the described product. So we can boast of a serious and competent audience. We also know how difficult it is to be an expert in such a particular field.

Imagine that you’ve changed jobs and now you have to gain a lot of new skills, perhaps, master some new software, research a lot, communicate with your new manager and colleagues. I think you’ve been in such a situation, at least once in your life. I’m very familiar with this, due to my occupation. Almost a year ago, when I came here, the question “What should I write about?” came up to me from a new perspective. For me, it was a U-turn. Even my favorite morning cup of coffee didn’t always help me find the right topic or decision promptly. Therefore, like you, I also began searching for information everywhere: googling, reading articles and magazines, watching сonferences on YouTube…

And every time we choose a topic for an article, it is as if we run along a path all over again because we want to be as useful to you as possible. To be a kind of guide that helps you enter the technical writing field fast and smoothly. And even more, we want to be your sidekick in the future. So we are “riding the wave”, keeping track of important occasions and news in the industry, participating in special events and IT conferences.

We are working with several universities to help them run their technical writing courses. We offer free 90-day licenses for the course attendees, so they can use a modern cloud platform to work as a team in their ClickHelp portal. We are sure that this will help us grow a new generation of technical writers who confidently apply modern technology and systems to create documentation.

You may have noticed that we assign each blog a special category for convenience, and you can see it at the beginning of each article. That way, you can find articles on topics that might interest you:

If you are missing a category or a subject, don’t hesitate to inform us! Feel free to contact our team:

Every time we eagerly check the stats on our publications to see how interesting this or that article is, thinking: “What else could be important and helpful to you?” We want to get to know you better, to be as relevant as possible, so we’ve prepared a survey in our Telegram channel. Cast your vote to see the results, and learn what others prefer to read!

Take the survey in our Telegram channel

Your feedback, your letters, your communication with our technical support let us get to know you better, prepare relevant articles, and improve our technical writing platform. Many thanks for your feedback, we enjoy collaborating with you!

You can always follow the latest news and articles in the channel that fits you best:

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While we were getting this post ready to publish, another great news came: ClickHelp got the Best Result category at the SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2021. Software Suggest is a platform where you can find various software solutions and their reviews. So this recognition means so much to us.

software suggest best results 2021

Good luck with your technical writing!
ClickHelp Team
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