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Top 6 Reasons to Subscribe to our Blog and Newsletters

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin ClickHelp Features on 8/10/2018 — 3 minute read

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Our blog is titled ‘ClickHelp Technical Writing Blog: Stories for technical writers, web developers and web designers willing to grow’. Blog titles are usually made to kill two very specific birds with one stone: to sound appealing and catch the eye and to give some general idea of what’s inside.
The ClickHelp blog keeps growing, so, we figured that these general words are not enough anymore to fully understand what value you can add to your professional life using this resource.

In this article, you will learn what you can expect to find in our technical writing blog and how it can benefit you and your business.
As a bonus, you will get a sneak peek at how our monthly newsletters are created, and why we believe that there’s a lot of value in them.

Adding Business Value

The marketing side of technical writing is often overlooked. We would like to change that.
When our company started developing a help authoring tool, we noticed the great potential online documentation has in terms of SEO and marketing in general.


Just think about this — having all the right keywords in one place sounds great already. But, an online documentation portal is more than that. It also means branding and great visibility in search engines. Overlooking this would be a crime!
So, we keep creating articles explaining how to make your online documentation work for you, like this one.

Product Updates

We are constantly improving our tool for online technical writing – ClickHelp, so, it makes sense to stick around to make sure you are the first to know about major releases, top features, new integrations, etc.

Tips on Web Design / CSS

Why web design? When it is technical writing we are talking about. Well, these two get intertwined when technical documentation goes online.
There’s nothing wrong with making documentation look as simple as possible, but you do not want it to look outdated. So, technical writers should be aware of what is going on in the web design field.
Besides, there are many design-related topics that tech writers struggle with on a daily basis, like page layout or balance of text and screenshots. Also, many help authoring tools allow editing source code, so, we have a couple of articles on specific CSS use cases, like, for example, advanced auto numbering techniques.

In our blog, we are trying to keep track of the main events in the technical communication field and the IT industry in general.


For example, here you can find out everything about the upcoming conferences for tech writers for Q4 2018. We are not a news portal, of course, but we are still trying to mark the most important and relatable news for our readers.

Tech Writers Career Path Tips

We have many articles dedicated to building a career in technical writing. We believe that there is not enough information out there to help people develop as technical writing specialists, start a career in this field, or even understand whether it is what they really want in the first place.


We all want to develop as professionals, and, for tech writers this process can be not that obvious. So, with articles like this we are trying to help technical communicators out.


The cornerstone of any writing. We created a series of articles that allow readers to revise grammar concepts.
Besides, for some technical writers, English is not even their native language, so, additional grammar articles can be very helpful.

Here are some examples of grammar-related topics we talk about on this blog: hypenation rules, possessive case with proper nouns and many more.

Bonus: ClickHelp Newsletter

Each month, we gather to discuss what should be included in our monthly newsletter. Our aim is to choose the most interesting and useful pieces of information and provide you with it in the most convenient form.
The amount of information can be quite overwhelming, so we make sure that each subscriber gets only the best news and article digest possible.


The ClickHelp blog for technical writers is getting so big that it is really hard to cover it in one article, but we tried 🙂
We will do our best to continue providing you with great content and, we hope that you will find it helpful for your business and personal development.

Good Luck with your technical writing!
ClickHelp Team
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