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Careers of the Future in the Software Field

Posted by ClickHelp TeamClickHelp Teamin Technology on 1/6/2021 — 3 minute read

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Last year was a huge challenge for the whole world. So many people had to change their careers as the global lockdown deprived them of their income. And, many people got stuck at home working. But I guess that is not the worst thing that might have happened. At least they do not have to look for a new position. On the one hand, all that is sad and hopeless but, on the other hand, the global crisis gave us a great opportunity for growth and development – new careers and positions are mushrooming in the software field as humanity needs more and more software products to work and live. Without further ado, here are the jobs of the future!

Cloud Positions

This word combination might seem funny at first, but that is one of the fastest-growing fields today. It involves all cloud-related occupations.

Cloud-based software services help isolated workers unite, track their tasks, collaborate, and meet deadlines.

Using a cloud-based platform is the simplest way to stick to the cooperation model that your team has been using for a long time. That is how to overcome isolation. Another great advantage of platforms like that is the ability to analyze the productivity of work to see how to improve the current workflow. So many spheres can use cloud computing: accounting, HR, insurance, translation, technical writing, and many others. Experts in this field are highly likely to be in demand in the nearest future.

Artificial Intelligence Experts

With the increased use of websites, applications, and platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes a widely used technology, and its development is not going to slow down in the foreseeable future. AI has become an essential part of business software, helping to automate routine tasks to save employees’ time and effort. Apart from automation, AI makes it possible to create conversational interfaces and personalize software products. Using chatbots is the most common AI implementation in our everyday life. That is a big step towards customer experience improvement. Have a look at the following post to learn more – How AI and Technical Writers Can Boost Customer Experience.

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Site Reliability Engineers

Site reliability engineers (SRE) are going to be especially well-hired in the future. They are responsible for keeping services and production systems in order. The notion of SRE was originally pioneered by Google, but now this is a popular and promising career that combines software engineering with IT management systems. Most companies are looking for a person with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent job experience. But since this field is relatively new, it is hard to find an expert.

Cybersecurity Specialists

There is a soaring demand for cybersecurity specialists today with the huge development of the software field and the increased use of the Internet connection. Both big and small companies pay a lot of attention to cybersecurity questions. They hire more and more experts in this field to stay safe. Cybersecurity experts are to analyze which information is sensitive and requires protection and which is not, protect sensitive information from unauthorized users, and test various cybersecurity systems. This field is so vital and significant that its impact can be easily seen in the technical writing sphere: more and more cybersecurity technical writers appear, they treat their documentation carefully and choose help authoring tools that allow creating secure documentation. The following post will tell you more about that – Technical Documentation in the Era of IT Security.

Technical Writing Assisting the Careers of the Future

As you have probably guessed, all those super popular jobs need a helping hand, and technical writing is always at their service.

Increased demand for IT experts leads to the increased demand for technical writers that are able to provide users with high-quality user guides and instruction manuals.

New requirements will be applied to technical writing tools. They should allow authors to create documentation online, paying a lot of attention to who will be able to access these user manuals. Here is the list of features to consider while choosing an online documentation tool:

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We all know that a crisis is always a starting point for further growth and development. We see what is happening in the labor market at the moment: some jobs become outdated, others start to flourish. Of course, the transition period is a hard time to survive. But it is the right moment to acquire new skills and start looking for a new niche.

Good luck with your technical writing!
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