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Conferences to Attend for Technical Writers in 2022

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Elmira in Education on 12/29/20215 min read

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The year 2020 has turned the conferencing upside down, and events in 2021 have primarily been online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we approach 2022, many events that were canceled or held online-only are planning a big off-line comeback. So if you didn’t get the chance to visit in-person tech events in 2020 and 2021, here's some good news: It looks like in 2022, many conferences will get back to almost normal. Fingers crossed, we could be back to face-to-face professional seminars and industry meetups sooner rather than later.

In this post, we’ve gathered high-profile events in the spheres of technical communication. We sincerely hope that it will come in useful!

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10th International Conference on Technical Communication

The anniversary conference will be held on January 28th, 2022, at Université de Paris, Appreciate a welcoming community and get the chance to talk to the professionals in the field. This event will be held remotely on Zoom; it’s free but needs registration. Tickets will be available in early January.

MegaComm 2022

MegaComm is a conference for technical communicators, MARCOM professionals, translators, and content managers. In 2022 the event will take place in two formats with a fallback to an online conference only.

  • February 8 is currently scheduled as both in-person and online. Depending on what happens with the rest of the Greek-language variants, you’ll get to pick how you participate.
  • February 9 and February 10 will take place online via the same amazing platform we used last year.
  • A new conference formula to meet the needs of the time – fully online; all sessions recorded, so you’ll have a chance to see ALL sessions for one low cost.
  • Register now and bundle your tekom membership with your conference registration to save more! Read here for conditions and more.
  • Network online with tech writers from at least FIVE different countries!

Effective Technical Writing and Editing

Effective Technical Writing and Editing Webinar will be held three times: on February 09, 2022, and September 30, 2022, it will be an online event, and on June 15, 2022, it’s going to take place in London, UK. Sign up if you are interested in writing or editing scientific and medical texts, technical documents, documents for regulatory submissions, texts about pharmaceutical and veterinary products and medical devices.

SAAS Connect

SaaS Connect is the single event for SaaS companies, platforms, API services, channels, distributors, resellers, app stores, and investors. It is focused on SaaS partnerships, platforms, and distributions. The event is planned for 27-28 April 2022.

STC’s Technical Communication 2022 Summit Conference and Expo

The 2022 Summit takes place on 15-18 May at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. The Summit consists of two parts:

  1. The Education. These sessions offer a variety of formats and experience levels.
  2. The Expo Hall. Featuring numerous companies prepared to unveil and demonstrate new and exciting products, services, and technology to the world of technical communication.

The Summit also includes a Welcome Reception, Keynotes, and an Honors Event to celebrate the achievements of STC members and announce the Community of the Year award.

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Write the Docs Portland 2022

Write the Docs brings everyone who writes the docs together in the same room: Programmers, Tech Writers, Support, Designers, Developer Advocates, and more. Share knowledge with other technical communicators. It’s re-energizing and inspires you to make materials that help others. Join around 350 in-person and more online folks in the event to explore the art and science of documentation in Portland, Oregon + virtual on May 22-24, 2022.

Soap 2022, The Best Content Conference

The Content Conference is a journey to discover what the world can look like in 50 years. See how people that shape the techcomm industry prepare themselves for the future of our profession. You may meet someone you know or someone who wants to exchange ideas. Topics are 90% awesome, and each offers at least a line that strikes a chord. Put your heads together on 1-3 June 2022, in Kraków, Poland.

Evolution of TС 2022

Evolution of TC is the annual gathering event for all technical communicators focusing on innovations in software documentation. In 2021, for the first time, Evolution of TC was organized as an online event with around 200 attendees from 26 countries. This year, the event will be in Sofia, Bulgaria, on June 8-9, 2022. The conference language is English. This year’s focus topic is UX writing.

Women in Tech Global Conference 2022

The hybrid conference will bring women in tech, minorities, and allies from all over the world together through an interactive platform featuring live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels, breakout rooms, country, and chapter leader sessions, technical workshops, and networking with virtual and in-person sessions. The event takes place on 7-10 June 2022.

Lavacon 2022

The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference started in Hawaii to help organizations leverage state-of-the-art content technologies.

However, LavaCon is more than just a conference. It’s a gathering place where content professionals share best practices, network with peers, and build relationships that will last for years to come. Join on 23-26 October 2022.

TC World Conference 2022

Whether you’re exploring new areas, trying to pinpoint trends, wanting information, networking, or finding a solution together, ЕС World Conference is for you. Choose from 175 live lectures, tool presentations, meetups, and tutorials in English and German over two weeks. Industry experts provide expertise and best practices from many areas of TC. Take part in active discussions in topic forums, learn from colleagues on November 8-19, 2022.

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It's still early, so expect that something of this list will be updated in the coming months as events may be added, removed, or rescheduled. Also, some of these events are not yet open to registration. Such technical communication conferences and webinars are distributed over a year of learning. Try to find a time and grab an opportunity to learn from the experts, network with your peers, and take home best practices.

Good luck with your technical writing!
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