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Looking Back on 2020 with ClickHelp

Posted by ElmiraElmirain ClickHelp News on 12/23/2020 — 4 minute read

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It is the end of December, and we are approaching the close of this atmospheric year for sure, time for some wrap-up. So what did 2020 bring us? Of course, first that pops up in one’s head is the pandemic. That event has changed the lives of the entire humanity. No person left untouched by it. People were forced to stay at home, and their focus shifted to global issues, such as climate change, and a number of those who advocate for this trend has risen drastically.

Let’s Talk Numbers: Statistics on How Tech Writers Save the Lungs of the Planet

We noticed that a quantity of studies concerning the environment have increased remarkably. The study made by the Association of Information and Image Management, AIIM, discovered that economy and recycling of one ton of paper allows to save 17 trees, almost 7 thousand gallons of water, three cubic meters of earth, 63,5 gal. of gasoline, and four thousand kWh of electricity.

We have calculated the contribution of ClickHelp to preservation due to remote working and got the following picture:

infographics trees saved when working from home

But this is not the reason our company is so eco-tuned – most offices did that resources’ saving too, working from home. The reason is that our company is the vendor of an online documentation tool. Its software is cloud-based, when using ClickHelp, you don’t need to print every document you make. Technical writers create online documents for their clients, so the clients wouldn’t need to print out volumes of PDF files, but instead they can read them from their computers, laptops, mobile phones. And we did some research of our own. Imagine, technical writers creating approximately 300 topics per year, that equals to about 1000 printed pages. Even if one topic gets one view a day, the writer saves 20 trees, imagine these readers are hundreds, I think, together we are saving a medium size forest, no less.

infographics trees saved by technical writer

Feel free to join us, just start using our help authoring tool. It is that simple, and if you still have doubts, we have an article on how to become eco-friendly – Who is an Environmental Writer?

Contribution of Our Articles to Broadening of Outlook

This year has been fruitful in terms of the content to our blog. We’ve published more than 200 pages of text to help you explore the area of online help software. But let’s not pollute your ready-to-party heads with statistics. Below we gathered the most viewed topics with strong reactions, one of our readers said:

“Enjoyed reading your erudite article. As a language enthusiast, I would love to see more in the coming days. Thanks.”

Refresh your memory, and in case you missed some, it’s a handy way to have a look at them:

  • Free Resources and Subscriptions for Tech Writers to Stay Engaged. Here we shared the no-cost online resources for the techcomm community. These are not only technical writing related, but could also help you stay informed and fit and, maybe, learn something new.
  • How SaaS will Save Your Future. After the planet has gone remote working, we were right here to help. ClickHelp, as a cloud solution, helped many documentation teams stay connected and work efficiently on user guides. Learn more on why SaaS tools are good in the new reality.
  • ClickHelp Won Two Awards from SoftwareSuggest. This proves our company is what users are really fond of. Our help authoring tool provides the best value to the technical writing teams in the B2C segment.
  • awards

  • Want to become a tech writer? These Top 5 Books for Technical Writers are for you to start with.
  • Tips to Write Software Manuals. Software documentation can be created in different tools, but it is important to build the right processes. Learn how to improve software manuals creation and prepare a perfect solution for your readers.
  • Tone of Voice Strategy in Technical Documentation. The tone of voice is how you choose to speak to clients through all communication channels, this helps to connect with clients on a more personal level.
  • Choosing Fonts for Technical Documentation. This overview covers what you should pay attention to when playing around with fonts. It will help you understand web design better for creation of more readable user manuals.
  • Technical Documentation in the Era of IT Security. And last, but not least in this top-chart is the article about online security of documentation. Not all the documents are meant for public use, some information should always be private.

A Helping Hand for Technical Writers – ClickHelp Ebooks

rows of books

The great majority of successful people read a lot. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg’s score is one book in two weeks, Bill Gates reads a little more – one book per week, Warren Buffet gives about 80 percent of his time to reading daily, and when a journalist from Bloomberg asked Elon Musk how he learned to build rockets the latter said, “I read books”. But you need to understand that such people do not just read anything at sight, they are extremely choiceful of what they read.

Another interesting fact – it’s been proven that reading helps to reduce stress, prevent dementia risk, fight depression symptoms, and improve memory.

As many as 2656 people who downloaded our ebooks know that.

And do you? Technical writers know that too. They read and learn constantly. Our company helps them improve their skills. ClickHelp writes and publishes ebooks for free use. Statistics show that this year’s first prize took the ebook called Technical Writer Career Guide.

One of the pleased readers says the following:

“Thanks for sharing. It was very informative. keep sharing.”

Thank you for your involvement, we go all out for you 🙂 And we hope to bring you joy and profit to all your initiatives further. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed on our news and events.

Happy Holidays!

Good luck with your technical writing!
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