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Popular Documentation Myths Busted with ClickHelp

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Elmira in ClickHelp News on 3/10/20223 min read

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Conferences for technical communicators are essential to increasing your expertise in the field, learning something new, and networking. That is true for the MEGAComm 2022 conference that took place at the beginning of February. It was a global event for tech comm-related experts who wanted to be in the loop with the latest in the sphere of technical communication. ClickHelp participated as a gold sponsor and a speaker. For those of you who missed our presentation of Popular Documentation Myths Busted with ClickHelp and are interested in seeing the session's recordings, welcome to this blog. We hear a lot of myths when talking to our potential customers, and we have decided to gather the most commonly encountered, explode them, and show you that everything is far simpler than it seems.

MS Word Migration Is Hard

If you are evaluating the process of moving your content created in MS Word and think that this is difficult to do, watch our video to see that this is an illusion. Learn about the options available to enable you to successfully migrate from MS Word.

Efficient Collaboration of Distributed Teams Is Impossible

Remote work has become a corporate part of our reality. But there are still doubts that a collaboration of teams scattered around their homes can be productive because old habits die hard. We have an answer to that difficulty with which you can empower your users for collaboration and productivity.

Tight Schedules Are a Deal Breaker for Tech Writers

Long-term planning is a privilege that is not something easily available for companies with frequent releases and updates. A deadline can seem intimidating for technical writers, especially if they lack time management skills. Employ the approach we are talking about to improve your ability to meet deadlines, and you wouldn’t have to worry about tight schedules.

Single-Sourcing and Content Reuse Are Confusing

Single sourcing and reuse in technical documentation is a broad and complex area that is getting more and more widespread these days. No wonder, since it can make working with complex documentation much more efficient. Of course, mastering it may be quite difficult. Here are the ideas we use while working with single-sourcing.

It Is Difficult to Create a Beautiful Documentation Site

Googling the Internet tells that documentation is a must in every software development project. Reliable documentation provides an accurate overview of your software, good insight on how to use your software, and easy onboarding for new users of your software. The difficulty lies in how to present all the documentation so that customers would want to read it. The answer is - a good-looking documentation site! ClickHelp can assist you with this also.

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You wouldn’t want to write and create everything from scratch and fall into the traps of different myths if there is such a solution as ClickHelp available. Our presentation at MEGAComm 2022 dispels some myths you might have and ease all the hard work you’re doing with the content.

You can call the documentation a facade that people face and resort to when using your project. So always keep it updated and put yourself in the place of your users!

Good luck with your technical writing!
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